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Carlin Bates Returns To Hospital: ‘Fourth Time Is The Charm’

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Bringing Up Bates star Carlin Bates is in the hospital once again. She has been to the emergency room several times within the past couple of weeks due to recent medical “episodes.” Keep reading to get the details of Carlin’s recent health scares and see what happened at her latest ER visit.

In case you missed the news, on Saturday, May 7, Carlin Bates went to the ER for the first time after fainting. These episodes continued, so she had to return to the ER two more times over the past week. She shared about the second ER visit and the third one on social media.

Carlin Bates Instagram
Carlin Bates Instagram

While she is keeping fans updated on what’s going on, she really doesn’t have too many answers to share just yet.

Did her fourth ER visit get her any closer to a diagnosis?

Carlin Bates reveals she’s in the ER for the fourth time.

On Tuesday, May 16, Carlin returned to the hospital. She posted a snap on her Instagram stories, writing, “Fourth time is the charm…right?”

Carlin Bates Instagram

She and her husband, Evan Stewart gave fans a little update, pointing out that she has been wearing a heart monitor for the past couple of days. When she was given the heart monitor, the doctors suggested doing normal activities while wearing it. So, Carlin and Evan were at a baseball game in Nashville, Tennessee with his side of the family.

Evan explains that Carlin went to grab something from the diaper bag and then suddenly fainted. Evan’s father was able to catch her.

After that, they went to the hospital.

Carlin Bates also gave fans a bigger update on Instagram late on Tuesday, May 17.

She wrote, “I have been in and out of the hospital over the past week trying to figure what is causing me to pass out and have seizure like symptoms.”


Then, Carlin Bates shared that she’s had many tests done so far to narrow down a potential diagnosis. She previously talked about having an MRI, as well as other diagnostic tests. Fortunately, these tests have ruled out some of the scarier conditions. The next step is an appointment with a neurologist.

Carlin also thanked her followers for their prayers and support.

You can read her full post here.

Come back to TV Shows Ace for more updates about Carlin Bates’ health, as well as the rest of the Bates family. Hopefully, Carlin will have some answers soon so she can manage her symptoms and begin feeling like herself. Below, you can find a video Carlin and Evan shared about her first ER trip. Note that a lot has happened since that first visit, so it’s not completely up to date.

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