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Hallmark fans are enthusiastic on Reddit, discussing every movie, and even sharing some BTS details. Thanks to a recent post about hiring a cast for a Hallmark movie, we now know that Hallmark is finally filming a new mystery.

Here is what we know.

Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Is Filming A New Mystery!

On Saturday, a poster on the HallmarkMovies Reddit page shared a fascinating post. They wrote, “This is interesting-what a Hallmark casting call looks like.”

They shared a link from Casting Workbook. This is what actors and agents see before a movie. While this was the intention of the post, what is revealed should be extremely happy news for mystery-starved Sleuthers.

The heading reads: “Heartland Mysteries: Winnipeg Casting.”

If you are a Sleuther, you don’t have to go any further. You may even be screaming. Hallmark is making another mystery!

But, all Sleuthers know is you need to look at all the small details. Is this Hallmark? We know that it is for sure.  Here are the facts.

The top of the page also shows details such as the network, which is stated as Hallmark, the pay rate, where they are filming, which is in “Winnipeg & environs.”

Also, they include some important dates. They include the May 15, 2022 deadline, which is presumably the last day to submit the requested audition tape. In addition, the shooting starts on May 30, 2022, and it finishes on June 17, 2022.

Theoretically, that could easily mean that HMM could air this mystery as early as August 2022!

What Is Hallmark’s Heartland Mysteries About?

What do we know about Hallmark’s Heartland Mysteries? The cast gets to see this to understand what this story is about, and how the main characters relate to each other.

This is what the casting call synopsis reads:

A murder has taken place in St. Ben[e]dict, Minnesota. The dead man is novelist CARL WISEMAN, the fiancé of private investigator FRANCESCA “FRANKIE” QUINN. And Frankie is the one who found the body. The detective assigned to the case is WYNTON ROUSSEAU, who happens to be Frankie’s ex. At first glance, Frankie and Wyn would seem as different as two people can be. On the surface, Frankie is sweet, approachable, easy to talk to — the last person anyone would think of being a private investigator. People underestimate her, which she uses to her advantage. By contrast, Wyn at first seems stoic and stolid — as you would expect a cop to be. But within this straight-faced exterior, he hides a quizzical mind. A powerful intellect is something Frankie and Wyn have very much in common. So it’s no surprise that they were once a couple and very much in love. But things ended badly. She left her forensics job with the St. Benedict PD. Became a private investigator. And eventually got engaged to Carl. Frankie is letting Wyn handle Carl’s murder investigation. But after a week of no progress, Carl’s sister SHERYL hires Frankie to find out who killed her brother. Suspects include Carl’s rich heiress of an ex-wife, the agent he was going to fire, and the protegé who may have taken hero worship too far. Ultimately, circumstances force Frankie and Wyn to join forces to unravel a serpentine plot and unmask a sinister killer — that strikes at the heart of Frankie and Wyn.

More Details About Heartland Murders

There is no information on who could have written this story. Several searches did not produce a series of mystery books. Therefore, we will have to wait for Hallmark to announce those details.

Hallmark Movies Mysteries-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q8v7Olq2cMQ
Hallmark Movies Mysteries-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q8v7Olq2cMQ

Who Is Starring In Hallmark’s Heartland Murders?

Based on the casting call, they are looking for a full cast, except for the role of Frankie. That role must have been cast already. However, they have not revealed who that actress is.

Hallmark has signed a lot of actresses of late, including Lacey Chabert, Taylor Cole, Heather Hemmens, Holly Robinson Peete, Aimeé Teagarden, and Tamera Mowry. Could one of them be the lead in this mystery?

Taylor, Lacey, and Holly all have their own mystery series whose fates are all hanging in limbo. They are all possible candidates here.

Moreover, there could be another actress in this role. However, Frankie is characterized as “sweet and approachable.” They are very specific about who she is.

This could be a great vehicle for Lacey Chabert, and she recently posted she is gearing up to film another movie soon. But, we don’t know who that lead could be.

Surprisingly, the male lead for the character of Wyn Rousseau has not been cast. We know he must be “stoic and solid,” with a lot of deep intellect. Based on the description, there has to be a lot of pent-up chemistry with the female lead.

In addition,  at the bottom of the description of the character, it does require that the actor be someone who has had previously had a lead or supporting role in a Hallmark movie.

Sleuthers Frustrated With Lack Of Mysteries In 2022

For most of this year, as Hallmark has remained silent about their mysteries, Redditors have been debating that very thing, with some asserting that the network is abandoning all of the old formats. This has left Sleuthers very frustrated.

Some posters have even suggested that Hallmark has abandoned mysteries to focus on drama movies on the HMM network, with the goal of an Emmy.

Much of the mystery discussion has now been about the different British streaming services that have a lot of mystery content. But before they say “Cheerio” to HMM, they may want to wait to see what the network is doing next.

Sleuthers, do you have a couple that you would like to see starring in a Hallmark Signature Mystery Series?

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