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‘LPBW’ Matt Roloff CONFIRMS Roloff Property For Sale

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Knowing the cat was already out of the bag, Matt Roloff took to Instagram yesterday to confirm the sale of the Roloff property. As TvShowsAce recently reported, it has been over a week since Jacob leaked plans to put Roloff Farms on the market. The former TLC star spilled the beans by telling his Twitter following that he was assisting in preparing the property to be sold. Turns out, gutted LPBW fans can take some comfort in the details of Matt’s big news.

Matt Roloff confirms property is for sale

Realizing his son let the cat out of the bag, Matt Roloff took to Instagram to confirm Roloff Farms was on the market. He, however, clarified it was NOT the entire property for sale. Turns out, that Matt was seeking $4 million for 16 acres of the property. These 16 acres included the big red barn and the old family home. Matt made it a point to clarify that he would be retaining ownership of 93 acres of the land.

Matt Roloff - Caryn - YouTube
Matt Roloff – Caryn – YouTube

Will there be a successful sale?

Thanks to COVID, the real estate market is a pretty sticky situation right now. Likewise, LPBW fans on Reddit aren’t sure how easy Matt Roloff will be able to sell some (or all) of Roloff Farms. Fans note that the property is a very niche property. Fans go on to note that the property makes Matt decent money because of its ties to LPBW.

Fans aren’t too sure if someone else buying a chunk of the property would really benefit from it. These fans speculate Matt wants far too much money for it. Likewise, fans are absolutely gutted to learn even a fraction of Roloff Farms will be leaving the family as both Jeremy and Zach had an interest in buying some of the property.

Matt Roloff’s news shakes fans up

LPBW fans admit they have mixed feelings about this big news from Matt Roloff. Some fans are all about Matt starting a new chapter of his life. Likewise, fans recognize Matt is a businessman and simply giving a piece of property doesn’t benefit him financially. Other LPBW fans admit they are absolutely gutted by this news. Some fans swear they won’t follow the show anymore because the property leaving the family leaves a poor taste in their mouths.

Matt Roloff - Instagram
Matt Roloff – Instagram

Are you surprised Matt Roloff has decided to put some of Roloff Farms on the market? What do you think fueled this decision? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for the latest LPBW news.

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