Maddie Rose Brush Shares Cutest Snap Ever Of Evie & Axel

Maddie Brush absolutely loves motherhood. Her followers love looking through the photos she uploads of her kids, Evie and Axel. But one of the most recent photos she shared on Instagram has everyone buzzing.

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Maddie Brush snaps an adorable photo of her kids during a baking session

Maddie Brush’s children Axel and Evie have health conditions, but that’s never stopped the family from living life to the absolute fullest. She continuously shares how much she enjoys being a parent and how much she really learns from her kids.

Axel has Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS) and Evie has Fibular Aplasia, Tibial Campomelia, and Oliogosyndactyly Syndrome (FACTO). But even so, the kids seem truly happy and enjoy everyday activities, just like any other child.

Maddie Brush/Instagram

And Maddie’s followers really enjoy watching the kids grow up on her Instagram page. Fans absolutely loved one of her most recent posts during a family baking session.

“One of the hardest waits in the world is waiting for cookies to be finished baking πŸ˜‚πŸͺ” the mother of two shared on Instagram. Evie and Axel have their little faces pressed up against the oven door, eagerly awaiting for the cookies to finish.

Maddie Brush/Instagram

…I look the same way when there are cookies in the oven! πŸ˜‚” one of Maddie’s followers replied.

“They are adorable!!” added another fan.

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The children are learning and growing before fans’ eyes

Axel Brush is now 4 years old and Evie is 2. Now, many of Maddie Brush’s followers want to know if she plans to add any more children to her family.

If Maddie is expecting another baby, she hasn’t said anything yet. However, she did announce that the family did make a few new additions.

β€œWE DID A THING,” Maddie shared on her Instagram stories. The photo shows several baby chicks. It seems like Maddie and her family are going to try raising chickens this year.

This will definitely be an exciting learning experience for Evie and Axel. Maddie hasn’t shared any photos of the kids interacting with the chicks, but it’s clear they do love helping around the property.

She shared one adorable photo of Axel helping with the strawberries.

Maddie Brush/Instagram

Fans will just have to keep checking back with Maddie on Instagram to see what the kids are up to next.

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