Christine Brown’s Uncle Ordered The Murder Of Her Grandfather?

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Sister Wives fans know that Christine Brown came from a polygamist background. It’s one reason that she was initially so happy to become Kody Brown’s third wife.

Unfortunately, there are a few skeletons in Christine’s closet that she probably would have preferred to keep hidden. The TLC personality is sweet, kind, and loves her family. But it appears that one of her ancestors ended up entangled in a chaotic group.

Keep reading to learn more about the dark history involving Christine Brown’s ancestor.

Christine Brown’s own grandfather was a victim of Ervil LeBaron

Christine Brown was born Christine Allred, which made her a member of the Allred family. Unfortunately, the family became entangled with a ruthless serial killer.

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The Sun writes that Christine’s maternal grandfather, Floren LeBaron, was a brother to Ervil LaBaron.

According to his Wikipedia page, Ervil LaBaron “was the leader of a polygamous Mormon fundamentalist group who ordered the killings of many of his opponents, using the religious doctrine of blood atonement to justify the murders. He was sentenced to life in prison for orchestrating the murder of an opponent, and died there in 1981.”

In a nutshell, he didn’t seem like a very nice person to know.

In fact, Christine’s parternal grandfather Rulon C. Allred was murdered under Ervil’s orders. In 1977, two women disguised themselves and shot Rulon. He initially survived the attack but died of his injuries later that same day.

Christine would have only been five-years-old at the time, so it’s not known if she remembers her grandfather’s murder.

Many of the most seasoned Sister Wives fans aren’t familiar with that story and it’s no wonder that Christine would want to keep it under wraps. Even if she can’t remember the attack, she likely has difficult emotions associated with her family’s dark past.

After 16 seasons, it seems unlikely that Christine will speak about her family history since she hasn’t thus far.

The Sister Wives star adapts to life after polygamy

This is certainly a dark chapter in Christine Brown’s family history, but it doesn’t seem like she lets it bother her much. In fact, she’s really living her best life these days.

After leaving Kody Brown, Christine seems happier than she has been in decades. She moved back to Utah, but still has a lot to fill her life. She currently has one granddaughter through her daughter, Mykelti. And being a grandmother is one of the most rewarding things in Christine’s life.

“I practically begged @mykeltip to let me babysit Avalon! She’s absolutely delightful!” Christine captured a recent Instagram post. She added a series of photos featuring little Avalon smiling and playing.

Were you surprised to find out about Christine’s family history? Are you happy that she’s living a much healthier life these days? Let us know in the comments. TV Shows Ace will be here to give you the latest reality TV news.

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