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‘Sister Wives’ Fans Say Meri Brown Has Redeemable Quality, What Is It?

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TLC personality Meri Brown has been a core cast member of Sister Wives since the show aired. But since then, many fans decided they don’t care for her in general. Many find her attitude to be offputting.

But even so, one Reddit thread determined that Meri does have a redeemable quality. She may bicker with Kody and her fellow sister-wives often, but she does have a few positive traits. So what are they?

Reddit users really appreciate how Meri interacts with animals

Reddit always has a lot to say about the Sister Wives cast. Users on the platform regularly share their opinions about Kody, his marriages, and so much more. When Meri is the topic, many users often complain about her. However, a recent thread paints her in a much more positive light.

Meri Brown/TLC

“The only relationship on this show that matters to me is Meri and Mr. Mosby,” the original Reddit user shared.

Meri Brown/Reddit

“I love how she’s always carrying him around like a baby,” the OP continued in the comments. Many other Reddit users echoed similar sentiments. They really appreciate how much Meri loves the little dog.

“I remember watching the video call episodes, she was cradling him and stroking the bridge of his nose until he fell asleep,” another Reddit user added. “She wasn’t even listening to the conversation she was just holding her puppy and giving him pets. I base a little of my opinion of someone on how they interact with dogs/how dogs interact with them. Usually, if you’re a sh*tty person a pup will react and pick up on that. That dog clearly loves her very much.”

Do you feel better about Meri knowing how much she loves her pet? Make your opinions known in the comments.

The TLC star doesn’t always connect as well with humans

Although Meri Brown doesn’t always get along well with the rest of the Sister Wives cast, she does want everyone to know that she is friendly and can make friends. She recently posted several images of outings with her LuLaRoe team members.

In the photos, all the women seem to be smiling and laughing together. Meri may have trouble connecting with other members of the Brown family and that’s mostly what Sister Wives viewers see of her.

But according to the photos, Meri actually seems to be quite personable.

Meri Brown/Instagram

Hopefully in future Sister Wives seasons, fans will get to see a softer side of Meri Brown. And hopefully a lot of Mosby too.

If you love Sister Wives, keep checking back with TV Shows Ace to see what’s going on with Meri Brown and the rest of the cast. There’s always new and exciting information to share.

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