‘Sister Wives’: Meri Brown Proves She’s Not A Failure With Recent Post

Meri Brown from TLC

Sister Wives star Meri Brown isn’t always the most popular with fans. Many viewers feel that she’s cold and just can’t get along with the rest of the Brown family. To take things a little further, some fans even think that she’s not capable of getting along with anyone.

But she’s here to set the record straight and prove that she is capable of forming strong relationships. However fans might feel about her, Meri wants to let the world know that she does have friends.

Keep reading to learn more about the social media post that Meri hopes will turn things around.

Meri Brown shows off the new friendships she’s made through her business

Avid Sister Wives viewers know how combative Meri Brown can be. And over the years, there have been several instances where she just couldn’t get along with Kody Brown’s other wives.

But since Meri Brown joined the LuLaRoe team, she claims she’s had the opportunity to meet many amazing women. It’s almost as if she wants fans to know that she can indeed get along with others — just not necessarily her sister-wives.

Meri Brown/Instagram

“Among these photos are some of the most amazing women I know,” Meri captioned her series of Instagram photos. “Strong women. Brave women. Loving women. Women who lift each other up and cheer each other on. … Women who live life to its absolute fullest.”

The TLC personality went on to say that she felt truly “honored and blessed” to call each of the women her friend. She credits LuLaRoe for forging these friendships.

Meri Brown/Instagram

I just adore the heck out of you! You are incredibly inspiring and I learned so much from you! Iā€™m so happy we got to hangout this weekend! Thankful and blessed that I get to call you my friend. šŸ’›” wrote one of the women in the photo.

It appears these women love Meri just as much as she loves them!

The Sister Wives star likes to look on the bright side online

Meri Brown might have her share of drama in real life, but she likes to keep things positive on social media. The TLC personality frequently shares inspirational, uplifting messages with fans.

But now, some fans wonder if her positivity might just be a cover to mask her issues with her family. Unfortunately, no one knows what the truth actually is. Perhaps more information will come out in the upcoming Sister Wives seasons.

How do you feel about Meri Brown’s connection with the rest of the family? Be sure to leave your thoughts and opinions in the comments. Keep following TV Shows Ace online for the latest information on the Brown family and more TLC news. There’s always something new and interesting to share.

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