How To Find & Follow Jason Korpi Of ‘Unexpected’


Unexpected viewers know that Jason Korpi loves to share details of his life on social media. It actually got him into some trouble prior to the start of Season 5. So, where exactly can fans find the teen dad?

Social Media Gets Jason Korpi In Trouble Before Unexpected

Being a teen dad was not the only thing weighing on Jason Korpi. Prior to the show airing, there were physical assault allegations against him. Apparently, someone was watching his TikToks and saw what they believed to be holes punched into the wall. Yet he has kept making videos on the platform and has not stopped. On the show, his behavior is constantly coming into question. He is deemed controlling and abusive. His girlfriend, Kylen Smith seems to defer to him for almost everything she does. She is not allowed to really have a relationship with her parents, per Jason. Furthermore, he has dictated her birthing plan and does not want her to have any assistance from an epidural.


When she decided it was in the best interest of their baby and safe delivery, Jason flipped out. The hospital staff wanted him to calm down to maintain a stress-free environment for Kylen. Unfortunately, he just could not do that for her. He was too upset with her choice and the fact she had defied him. It led to him being thrown out of the hospital. Ultimately, he blamed her for this but has since made a TikTok alluding to the possibility he was able to get back in. He also posts heavily on Instagram. So, where can you find all of Jason’s videos and photos?

Social Media Galore

For those interested in Jason Korpi’s social media but unsure what his handles are, here is all that you need to know for easy access.


He has a bevy of TikTok videos where he shows off his relationship with Kylen and his baby Xavier. Jason often shares how his son saved him and he is very affectionate with Kylen. As for his Instagram, there is a bevy of photos of Xavier through the months with the same sentiment. He seemingly wants it to be known that he is a better person now after becoming a father. However, he has been frequently known to block people on TikTok. For what reason, they have not said. He does boast that he has boosted viewership on TLC since joining so keep that in mind if you’re thinking of following him.

As of now, he has around 11K followers on IG and 85K on TikTok. Will you be following and liking his stuff? Let us know and watch Unexpected Sundays on TLC.

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  1. Jason you are a dick. Go have a baby without meds you are something and Kylee you are a minor your parents should step up your dad is really sick you should want to be with him you never know when you want be able to see him Jason be glad you are not my son trust and believe you would not of acted like that

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