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Whitney Way Thore Shares Mom’s Chicken Wing Etiquette?

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Whitney Way Thore of TLC’s My Big Fat Fabulous Life joined many other reality TV stars in taking to Instagram to shine a spotlight on their mother in honor of Mother’s Day of 2022. The TLC personality didn’t outright wish her mother a happy Mother’s Day in her Instagram post. But, she did bring a lot of joy to her followers by sharing her mother’s bizarre chicken wing etiquette. What did Babs do that got Whitney and so many of her followers talking? Keep reading for the details.

Whitney Way Thore - Instagram
Whitney Way Thore – Instagram

Whitney Way Thore showcases mom’s bizarre chicken wing etiquette

Now, the wording of Whitney Way Thore’s Instagram post suggests her mother hasn’t previously eaten chicken wings in this fashion. Her post is almost worded as if this was her mother’s very first time eating chicken wings. Whitney shared a video clip of her mother enjoying chicken wings as she called attention to her eating etiquette with the chicken wings. The video slowly zoomed in on her mother chowing down on her chicken wings. Timed perfectly with the zoom of the camera, Babs’ eyes seemed to grow wider and wider. Many My Big Fat Fabulous Life fans, however, assume this facial expression might’ve just been her reaction to trying chicken wings for the first time.

Whitney called attention to how her mother was eating the chicken wings in the caption of her video.

At almost 76 years old, Mom has started eating wings. With her pinky up. Babs never ceases to surprise. She is my ultimate queen and I love her so, so much.”

You can click here and watch Whitney’s Instagram Reel of her mother chowing down on chicken wings with her pinky up.

Whitney Way Thore - Instagram
Whitney Way Thore – Instagram

My Big Fat Fabulous Life fans react to her mom eating chicken wings

Whitney Way Thore’s Instagram Reel has been watched over 40,000 times since she uploaded it to her profile earlier this afternoon. In the comments, her followers agreed that her mother was an absolute queen. Here’s what some of her followers had to say about her method for eating chicken wings:

  • “I had to watch it twice . Thought it was you eating wings like that . Happy Mother’s Day and enjoy the special day.”
  • “I thought you guys did that face swap filter! You are definitely your mom’s twin! Happy Mother’s Day to Mama Babs!”
  • “76 omg she looks younger!!!!!”

MBFFL fans were all over the place in the comments of her Instagram post. Some doted on how young and fabulous Babs looked. Some pointed out that Whitney and her mother were twins. And, some just thought the way she ate the chicken wings was adorable.

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Can you believe Babs is nearly 80 years old? What do you think of her chicken wing eating etiquette? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back to TvShowsAce for more TLC news.

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