‘Life After Lockup’ SPOILER: Daonte Returning With New Love?

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Life After Lockup is just around the corner with Love After Lockup ending tonight. Any of these couples could end up on the spinoff at this point. Though no one has been confirmed, two former castmates claim to be returning together.

Life After Lockup Left Daonte Heartbroken

Not everyone has a happy ending on these shows. One person who just kept getting his heart broken was Daonte. He first appeared with Nicolle Bradley on Love After Lockup. They met while she was incarcerated and fell in love. He supported her in many ways until she was released. Then she wanted very little to do with him unless it was financial. This was extremely hard for him considering he did absolutely everything for her including remaining celibate. He also believed that they were engaged based on a previous conversation. She went on to cheat on him with an ex-boyfriend, Zak. At the same time, she was still texting with an ex-girlfriend, Tia.


In the end, she tried to be with both Daonte and Tia as they spun off to Life After Lockup. Unfortunately, Tia did not want to share but Daonte kept trying. He had a girlfriend who was very much like Nicolle. She needed him and he was not there for her then she died and he always beat himself up. Daonte was very much scared the same thing would happen to Nicolle, always feeling the need to save her no matter how much she hurt him. Finally, she married Tia in the park despite Daonte showing up at the wedding uninvited. He has moved on but it appears it is with another inmate.

Back For Another Round

Earlier on social media, Daonte and Love After Lockup star, Lindsey Downs revealed they will be on the upcoming season of Life After Lockup. Holding each other, they shared it will air this summer. Lindsey appeared with Scott Bradshaw after she was locked up for four years for possession of methamphetamine and a firearm. Rumors of them being together started back in December of last year but it was seemingly off and on. Some fans were pushing for an Indie/Daonte hookup but now it appears he is back with Lindsay.


It could just be a promotion for the new season but they seem relatively happy. Followers of Lindsey’s Instagram had this to say: “Y’all look good together.” Another added: “Congratulations!!!! You both upgraded!!!!!” Hopefully, this is the fit they both have been searching for. Only time will tell. The new season should be announced very soon. Who would you like to see on Life After Lockup? Let us know in the comments and don’t miss the season finale of Love After Lockup. It airs tonight on WeTV.



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