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‘Love After Lockup’ Spoilers: Did Daonte Break NDA Showing Proof Nicolle Used Him Up?

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In the last episode of Love After Lockup, Daonte dropped a bomb on Nicolle’s mom. It was their first meeting so he was trying to get to know her. He was also trying to reassure her he was in this relationship for the long haul. That was when he revealed he and Nicolle were engaged. Her mother was stunned but Nicolle appeared even more blown away. She lashed out at her non-fiance for sharing this untruth. However, did Nicolle accept his proposal then make Daonte look bad on national television? Sure looks like it.

Daonte’s Love After Lockup Disaster

Love After Lockup Credit: Love After Lockup Instagram
Credit: Love After Lockup Instagram

When Nicolle was released from prison, Daonte was ready to spoil her. He had everything she could want waiting for her. On top of remaining faithful while she was behind bars, he was ready to appeal to her materialistic side. He gifted her with Michael Kors watches, an iPhone, new sneakers, clothes from Victoria’s Secret, and more. On top of that, he greeted Nicolle with one thousand dollars in cash.

Unfortunately, he was going to go home alone the night of her release as she chose to stay with her mom. While lounging around, she used her time to text old boyfriends. All while telling Daonte she was not ready to be intimate with him. She also told her mom she did not have a concrete plan. Yet, she felt she could have Daonte take care of her for the time being. Essentially, Nicolle was okay with being unfaithful and using Daonte.

Sadly, the moment he said they were engaged, Nicolle raged. He explained the situation and how she asked for a ring and he agreed. Daonte brought it to the prison and said she was his fiancee now. He did not realize she did not feel the same way. A few days ago, to show fans he is no fool, Daonte brought out the receipts to prove Nicolle was his fiancee. He also had proof she was using him all along, from phones to even cars.

Daonte’s Receipts!

Being no fool, Daonte has come out with the receipts. They show her demanding things from him. Furthermore, they show her calling him her fiance. In one from @MerryPants Instagram, Nicolle is lining up her list of demands. She asks for an iPhone (she tells him the colors she wants) and a pack of cigarettes. She says she knows it is his payday so it should be no problem. Nicolle also tells him she wants someone to come to do her nails. Finally, Nicolle asks him directly for a car.

Credit: Daonte's Instagram
Credit: Daonte’s Instagram

On Daonte’s Instagram, the Love After Lockup star shares an exchange where she says she will tell everyone she is engaged. He posted this to prove he is not a liar. After the last episode, he wanted there to be no confusion and his followers stood by him. “Lol I don’t think anyone believes you were lying and she was truthful,” one commented.

Another did ask if he was breaking the show’s NDA by posting the exchange. Daonte responded: “am I spoiling anything that’s about to happen coming up? So no I’m not.” Guess he has a point since Nicolle has already posted wedding pictures- with her wife.

Are you surprised that Nicolle lied? Let us know in the comments and don’t miss Love After Lockup Friday nights on WEtv.

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  1. I would love for Daonta to reach out to this young lady. Just to get to know each other as friends her YouTube channel is called Theliway and they have things in common and both may enjoy each other conversations ect. Im only suggesting this because I think their two OK people and both trying to live and enjoy their lives. This a suggestion and if they dont agree then I understand.

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