‘Unexpected’ Myrka Cantù Begs For Money, Fans Disgusted


Former Unexpected star Myrka Cantu has fans frustrated. They are not happy with her latest ploy, seemingly begging for money. Therefore they have taken to Reddit to vent their frustrations.

Meeting Myrka On Unexpected 

Viewers first met Myrka Cantu when she joined the series in Season 4. She was just fifteen years old when she realized she was navigating teen pregnancy. Luckily, she had her boyfriend, Ethan Ybarra by her side to help with all of the changes that were coming her way. One of the biggest was losing her mother’s support. The moment she learned that her little girl was expecting, she threw her out. She ended up going to live with Ethan and his family. During the season, Myrka attempted a reconciliation with her mother while trying to understand everything that was going on with her body.


She is very fortunate to have Ethan’s parents supporting both of them, especially during the pandemic when she was doing so much alone. For most of her appointments, Ethan could not attend which was not easy but it all was about to end. Finally, Myrka gave birth to their baby girl Attalie and her mother did come to see the baby. It did not go as planned but things shifted more when the couple was then kicked out of Ethan’s home. His parents separated so they found new housing but then the teens went their own ways. They were soon followed by scandal and a lot of he said/she said which was not pretty. So, what has Myrka done now to make fans so frustrated?

Money Hungry Myrka?

There is no doubt that Myrka grew up faster being a teen mother at fifteen. Now she is upset that she cannot afford a prom dress, a grievance she took to social media. On her Instagram, she shared a selfie and added that she did not have the money for a dress so she was going to cry. Then she noted it was just another thing she could not do senior year. Followers saw her asking for a handout so they called her out on this. She did not like them being so perceptive so she lashed out. Now, a Reddit thread has been started over it, and fans of the show are not thrilled with her.


“There are so many options out there to find a great dress. Maybe she just needs to be pointed in the right direction cause social media “venting” just isn’t it,” one noted. Another added: “When you’re a mother you have to make sacrifices…” Many went on to give suggestions as to where she could get an affordable dress. More so, they felt that this was what you do when you have a child. They also questioned where her money from the show went but again, she is supporting a child. Hopefully, all is not lost and she can still go.

Do you think Myrka should have vented on such a public forum? Let us know and watch Unexpected Sundays on TLC.

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