Blac Chyna & Mom Relentless Amid Big Loss, Begs For Money?

Blac Chyna & Mom Relentless Amid Big Loss, Begs For Money? [Credit: YouTube]

Blac Chyna and her mom Tokyo Toni are relentlessly begging for money after their big loss. So far, they raised over $800 after their big loss in court. As TV Shows Ace previously reported, the jury reached a verdict in Chyna’s court trial against Rob Kardashian. They unanimously agreed that she wasn’t entitled to any monetary damages.

Blac Chyna begging for money with her mama?

Blac Chyna initially asked fans for $400,000 to counteract the jury’s decision. She hasn’t taken the news of the court verdict well. So far, the 33-year-old model and her 50-year-old mother have only raised $810. The mother-and-daughter duo started a GoFundMe, so they can afford a court appeal.

At the time of this writing, they only received 46 donations. Chyna’s mom Tokyo Toni, whose real name is Shalana Hunter, started the online fundraiser so that her daughter can continue to fight this matter in court. Chyna blames Rob Kardashian and the Kardashian-Jenner clan for the demise of their KUWTK spinoff series, Rob & Chyna.

Blac Chyna & Tokyo Toni Start GoFundMe [Credit: Instagram]
[Credit: Instagram]
She claims that she suffered monetary loss during that time. But, Blac Chyna did find success on OnlyFans. Their GoFundMe page is asking for $400,000. It was originally titled, “Cheering for Blac Chyna’s Appeal,” but has been changed to, “Cheering for Blac Chyna.”

“Hi, I am Shalana Hunter – BKA Tokyo Toni. I would like to appeal to the courts,” the description originally read. “This GoFundMe fundraiser [will] help my daughter, Angela R. White – BKA Blac Chyna – financially in this endeavor to get justice. Appeal for a new trial coming soon.”

Now, it just simply reads: “Hey, it’s Tokyo Toni. Family and friends.” She signs off, “Momma Tokyo.” The fundraiser was created just a day after Blac Chyna’s big loss in court. She won’t be receiving any money for her defamation lawsuit against the family.

Blac Chyna With Tokyo Toni [Credit: Instagram]
[Credit: Instagram]

Fans react to Blac Chyna’s GoFundMe

Fans have already caught wind of Blac Chyna’s GoFundMe. They shared a screenshot of the page, which has gone viral on Instagram. Some of them took to the comment section to share their thoughts.

  • “This is so embarrassing.”
  • “I think she really thought she was going to win, and money is tight right now.”
  • “I’m going to bed but I needed this laugh.”
  • “She has six cars, she doesn’t need s*** from me.”

This comes just weeks after Chyna claimed she gave up “three cars” because Tyga and Rob don’t offer her any financial support. Her mom was banned from the trial due to her attacks against the Kardashians on social media. Despite her major loss, Chyna is hoping that she can strike up a new court fight against them.

What are your thoughts on Blac Chyna and her mom begging for money? Do you think she has a chance at a court appeal? Sound off below in the comment section. Check back with TV Shows Ace for more news on Blac Chyna.

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