Jeremy Vuolo Attends Rapper & Booze Infested Event Without Jinger?

Jeremy Vuolo, youtube

Did Jeremy Vuolo attend a booze-infested event without his wife, Jinger? An insider reveals that Jeremy attended a party with rappers, booze, and other things that the Duggars wouldn’t approve of. Get all of the details here.

If you are a Duggar fan, you may know that the family dislikes rap music, alcohol, and other “worldly” things. So, it might come as a surprise to learn that Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s son-in-law went to a hot party in Los Angeles, California.

It’s worth noting that Jeremy Vuolo wasn’t raised the same way Jinger was. So, he seems to be a little more open to things like this. In the past, the former Counting On star was even arrested. So, it’s safe to say he lives his life on the wild side.

Jeremy Vuolo, youtube

Jeremy Vuolo parties with booze, rappers, and more.

The Sun reports that Jeremy attended The Shoe Surgeon’s launch on Sunday, May 2.

An insider, who was also at the event, shared with The Sun that Jeremy was there. They also told the outlet a little bit about what they saw.

The insider revealed, “It was a shock to see him there as it was full of young influencers, YouTubers, and those in the fashion circles in LA, it’s certainly a very different scene than he’s used to.”

They added, “He was dressed casually and wearing sneakers, he didn’t appear out of place and seemed to be enjoying himself as he made the most of the event. There were quite a few well-known internet stars there and rapper G-Eazy performed, guests were getting tattooed and playing basketball as well as getting their sneakers customized.”

Jeremy Vuolo Instagram

It’s also worth noting that many of the guests were enjoying the free bar at the event, though the insider didn’t reveal whether Jeremy was drinking alcohol.

Did the former Counting On star post about this party?

On social media, Jeremy didn’t post any photos or videos of himself at the party. It’s unclear why he didn’t share anything about the event online. Perhaps he was trying to avoid criticism from fans.

Fortunately, the insider snapped a few photos and shared them with The Sun. 

You can check out The Sun‘s exclusive photos of Jeremy Vuolo at the event here.

So, does it surprise you that Jeremy Vuolo attended an event like this? What do you think his in-laws, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar think of this? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below. And come back to TV Shows Ace for more Duggar family news.

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