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‘LPBW’: Matt Roloff Accuses Zach Of Acting Entitled?

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A new season of LPBW is fast approaching and viewers will watch as Matt Roloff and his son Zach go head-to-head. Over this past weekend, TLC dropped a short trailer teasing the new season on Instagram. The trailer revealed tension was mounting between Zach and Matt. At the beginning of the clip, Zach explained that he and Tori finally made the decision to make an offer on a portion of Roloff Farms. Unfortunately, negotiations do not appear to have gone well. And, they make have broken this father and son relationship for good.

LPBW Trailer - Instagram
LPBW Trailer – Instagram

Matt Roloff accuses Zach of acting entitled

Zach Roloff says early on in the trailer he and Tori decided to make an offer on a portion of the property. Matt, however, claims Zach approached him with certain expectations and just demanded getting a piece of the property sold to him at the price he wanted to pay for it. Fans have no idea what Matt Roloff wants for the property or how much Zach offered. Fans, however, do know that Audrey and Jeremy also tried to purchase some of the property. Matt also shut down their offer on the property.

Fans back Matt’s accusations

In the comments of this trailer, there are tons of fans who were quick to slam Caryn for breaking the family. Many also accused Matt Roloff of being a greedy man who only wants money. There, however, was a key piece of information missing from the trailer. Exactly how much did Zach offer his father for a piece of the property? Was it a reasonable offer? Or, was Zach hoping his father would hand him the keys to the castle on a silver platter? Matt argues that his son approached him and demanded a piece of the pie.


Will Jacob and Isabel Roloff take over for Matt?

Fans know Jacob and Isabel Roloff have been spending some time on the property with Matt. Because he walked away from reality TV, Jacob doesn’t have nearly as many financial benefits as his siblings. He even joked on Twitter recently that he wondered if he made a mistake not selling his soul for money. Some fans wonder if Matt might make the decision to pass the property to Jacob and Isabel because they don’t have as much as the rest of his children.

Do you think Zach Roloff is acting entitled? Should Matt be giving him a deal on the property or should Zach pay what the property is worth? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. And, keep coming back for more Roloff news.

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  1. Zack Roloff does not even have a job except for filming LPBW how would he ever pay Matt if show got cancelled? Don’t think he or Tori wants to work at the farm every day and not fair to the other kids. The reason they moved was just sour grapes to Matt stay gone until you get a real job..

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