’90 Day Fiance’ SPOILER: Bilal And Shaeeda Married?

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90 Day Fiance couple Bilal Hazziez and Shaeeda Sween did not get off to the best start. In fact, some fans felt Bilal’s welcoming of Shaeeda to America was beyond harsh. Yet, they are starting to settle in but have a long way to go. Where does the couple stand now after an unsettling beginning?

Bilal’s 90 Day Fiance 

After his divorce, Bilal was uncertain if he would find love again. He had a lot going for him as he was a real estate agent and investor. However, he had two children and was very serious about his religion. Enter Shaeeda who found Bilal on social media through some mutual friends. They had the same values but there was a huge distance between the two. He lived in Kansas City, Missouri while she resided in Trinidad and Tobago. The two forged a relationship via text and phone calls until Bilal finally decided to take the leap and go visit Shaeeda for a week at the close of 2019. When he returned to Kansas City, he was an engaged man and was thrilled to start the new chapter. Yet they had a lot of challenges ahead.


Bilal worried that Shaeeda was only using him for his money and was going to propose a prenup. More so, he was nervous about her meeting his children and the fact that she wanted more kids. This was not something that was on his radar so he still has to figure out how they will make it work. Upon Shaeeda’s arrival to America, Bilal decided to put her to a test by taking her to his run-down childhood home after picking her up in a van. He actually lives in a lavish home and drives a Mercedes but wanted to ensure she loved him for who he is not what he has. Fans were furious he would test her like this but also questioned her reaction to his home. He did bring her to the proper house but trust will need to be rebuilt to make this last. Did it?

Still Together?

Looks like Bilal and Shaeeda went the distance as have a few other Season 9 cast members. According to Starcasm, the couple is officially married. Bilal said they had a spiritual marriage to allow them to have some closeness as they cannot be intimate until they are married. That was a loophole especially since she was moving to the states to live with her fiance. Now, all of their problems are officially solved per a marriage license filed on December 7, 2021. The wedding officially took place eleven days later on December 18th at Bilal’s real home. This is not to be confused with his childhood home.


Though Bilal’s ex-wife is shown on the show, she is actually his second wife. The two have been divorced since 2014 but he was married to his first wife for one year. That union lasted from 2002 to 2003 and appeared to end very simply. As for this marriage, there are no real wedding details other than there were two witnesses. Hopefully, the full road down the aisle will be documented as the show goes on.

Are you shocked they made it legal? Let us know and do not miss 90 Day Fiance every Sunday on TLC.


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