Janelle Brown’s Hustle For Cash Doesn’t Rest During Portugal Vacation

Janelle Brown from TLC

By now, many Sister Wives fans know that Janelle Brown is enjoying herself on a fun Portuguese adventure. However, Janelle is also a very serious entrepreneur and that doesn’t mean she’s about to slow down anytime soon.

Even while on vacation, she seized an opportunity to showcase her business and brand. Keep reading to find out what exactly happened.

Janelle Brown shows off her Plexus products while enjoying her time in Portugal

Janelle Brown’s trip to Portugal is actually somewhat business-related. She’s supposed to relax and enjoy herself while in Europe, but Plexus actually paid for the trip. Janelle revealed in a previous Instagram post that she won an all-expenses-paid trip through the company.

Janelle Brown from TLC
Janelle Brown/TLC

In other words, she wouldn’t have the chance to visit Europe without Plexus. So it’s not really a huge surprise to fans that Janelle would opt to showcase their products while there. In fact, it might even be part of the deal. She might actually have to talk about Plexus while on vacation.

“When in Portugal….” Janelle Brown began her Instagram post. “Yup, it’s true! I take these products wherever I go. Why? Because they work! I feel incredible, digestion is on point, energy, mental clarity and well let’s be honest, no one wants to gain weight on vacation and this helps with that too. If you haven’t tried these products, you’re missing out!!”

Janelle Brown/Instagram

Fans did notice that she appears to be living her best life while on vacation, but they also noticed that she looks very healthy in her vacation photos. She appears much slimmer — could the Plexus products really be working that well?

Critics speak out against Plexus due to its MLM business structure, but Janelle Brown seems to swear by it. Either way, fans notice she appears to be really happy and enjoying her trip.

Does the Sister Wives star have a twin sister?

Of course, Janelle Brown didn’t go to Portugal all by herself. She opted to take her sister along with her. Almost immediately, fans noticed how much the two sisters resembled one another.

They both wear army green jackets in the photo Janelle posted, so they are indeed matching. But fans also noted how similar their facial structures and hair colors seemed to be.

Janelle Brown/Instagram

As far as Sister Wives fans know, Janelle Brown doesn’t have a twin. But many wouldn’t be surprised to learn that she and her sister are actually twins. Do you agree? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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