Janelle Brown Shows Off Huge Weightloss During Recent Trip

Over the last few days, Sister Wives fans have been enjoying Janelle Brown’s international-themed posts on Instagram. The 52-year-old TLC personality is currently on vacation in Portugal and has been sharing her experiences with fans via her social media. Late Monday evening, Janelle shared a photo of herself that had her followers quickly doing a double-take. Fans quickly noticed there was something very different about Janelle’s appearance- but what was it? Read on to get the details about Janelle’s latest changes.

Janelle Brown Heads To Portugal

Currently, Janelle is enjoying a vacation to Lisbon, Portugal.

Looking at her posts from early this week, she appears to have arrived late Sunday or Monday. Her first vacation post included a short video clip that showed off the majestic cityscape view from her hotel room.

“First international trip for me since 1987 – 1988,” Janelle exclaimed in her post caption. She goes on to reveal that through her work with popular MLM sales company Plexus, she qualified for the free vacation, courtesy of the company. According to her, she qualified for the trip last year. It’s likely that as a lot of travel was off-limits last year that the trip was postponed until restrictions eased.

Janelle Enjoys The Best Of Lisbon

Over the next few days, Janelle’s posts have allowed her fans to travel along beside her and see what she is experiencing on her trip. In addition to the gorgeous view from the hotel balcony, Janelle also shared photos of her dinner the following day. Her meal consisted of sardines and codfish cakes. The celeb says she and her cohorts enjoyed their meal on an outdoor patio restaurant in an older part of the city.

The following day, Janelle shared another snap from her adventure. This time, the TLC star reveals having enjoyed visiting a medieval town followed by a private tour of a winery.

Mrs. Brown Shows Off Her New Bod On Vacation

While Janelle very rarely posts full-body

photos on her Instagram, she did post one during her vacation. In the post where she shares having visited a winery, Janelle stands alongside her masked tour guide wearing a pair of casual blue jeans and a black t-shirt.

Photo Credit: Instagram

Shortly after the photo went up, fans were quick to notice that something was very different about Janelle’s appearance. Viewers noted that the reality personality was looking markedly slimmer. It has been some time since the show was filming – so fans were quite shocked to see how much progress she had made.

“Not only are you looking great, but you living your best life now aren’t you?! Good for you girlfriend,” commented one fan. Dozens of other followers in the comment section chimed in to let Janelle know how awesome she looked and how they were enjoying her posts.

While Janelle Brown hasn’t posted directly that she lost significant weight, photo comparisons from just a few months ago show a definite change in the celeb’s shape. She appears healthy and happier than ever and her fans are thrilled to see her thriving — even in the midst of the family chaos over the last year or so.


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