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Kelley Flanagan, Kelsey Weier Roasted For Faking Disability

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Bachelor alums Kelley Flanagan and Kelsey Weier are being slammed by fans recently for faking a disability. The two quickly deleted the video after fans got angry and did not think their joke was funny at all. What happened and why did they do such a thing? Keep reading to find out more.

Kelley Flanagan and Kelsey Weier roasted by fans for joke

Kelley Flanagan and Kelsey Weier thought they were being funny. The majority of their followers and fans did not think so. Heavy shared all the details about what Kelley shared on social media.

It all started when a fan asked Kelley on Instagram about the funniest prank she ever played on someone. She responded by sharing a video clip and saying, “Not much of a prank, but I always make @kelsey_weier limp so we can get good parking.” She continued, “And don’t come at me parking police,” Kelsey can even be heard asking if she’s limping okay in the video.

Kelsey commented on the post saying, “The next time you see me I will have mastered the limp walk.”

Kelley replied, “Love you bestie. Just keep limping so I can get good parking.”

The parking police didn’t comply and did come at her and Kelsey. Stunned fans bashed Kelley and Kelsey and noted they couldn’t believe an actual attorney would say such a thing. Those with real disabilities lashed out at them both for their tactless prank.

What fans said

Kelsey and Kelley were both called things such as trashy, awful human beings and terrible. Reddit users laid into both of them for their atrocious act.

One commenter who has an actual disability said that it is really gross for someone to misuse these parking spots because of their lack of willingness to walk a little farther.

Others slammed Kelley for being unprofessional. Some even noted how lucky Peter Weber is to not have ended up with either lady.

Kelley apologized

According to Kelley, her story had more to it than what was seen. She urged everyone to not make assumptions. She said, “The parking manager was in on it and told us to park left, and I said, ‘what about those spots over there? And said, what if my friend has a sprained ankle?’ He laughed and said ‘go ahead, ya’ll can park there.'” Kelley continued, “Again, it was a joke, was not making fun of anyone or taking a disabled spot. It was a regular spot but just in a different area. We were all aware that it was a joke and not serious.”

She apologized and said she did not mean to mock anyone or do anything illegal.

Fans still were not satisfied and didn’t believe her apology was genuine. Some said she noted how she always makes Kelsey limp yet in her apology she noted it was a one-time thing.

Fans and those with real disabilities are still not over Kelley and Kelsey’s idea of a joke.

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