‘Unexpected’: McKayla Adkins Is A Mom Again


Former Unexpected star McKayla Adkins is a mother again. She has welcomed her third child into the world. It is the reality star’s first with her husband, Ethan Tenney. The couple made the announcement back in October that they were expecting a baby together after suffering a miscarriage. Now, she has her rainbow baby and happy ending.

McKayla’s Unexpected Past

Viewers met McKayla in Season 1 when she was a teenager in love with her boyfriend, Caelan. The two were trying to make it work but struggled. Life was about to get tougher since she was pregnant with their first baby. Together, they had a son named Timothy but were not done yet. McKayla got pregnant again and they had a baby girl Gracelynn. Throughout it all, Caelan and McKayla were attempting to figure out what they wanted. They moved in together and thought about getting married but that did not work out so well. The two tried to stay together on and off throughout Season 3 but she left the series and they broke up.


After McKayla was done with the show, she continued with her YouTube channel but also had some words about her time on the series. She was not too happy with the way the cast was treated and went on a TikTok rant. Finally, she seemed to be in a happy place when she revealed she was both engaged and pregnant. She had been dating Ethan for a little over a year and made it clear that their pregnancy had been planned. The two got married in the blink of an eye last May but McKayla suffered a miscarriage shortly after. Then they found out they were expecting and shared it with the world

It’s A…

McKayla and Ethan’s baby boy arrived Thursday, April 28th at 615 am, according to Starcasm. She shared the news on her TikTok but declined to give a name or anything of that nature. Now, the gender had already been revealed back in October, and apparently, McKayla was going to let Ethan choose the name. She claimed this would be his first and only baby plus she thinks she is bad at picking out boy names. It is no surprise that there are no photos of the newborn baby as she has shielded her other two from social media for the past few years.


Baby boy Tenney was not due until May but McKayla had been actively trying to induce labor for twenty-four hours. Looks like she succeeded. Though she is not showcasing the baby just yet, she did share a short clip of Ethan holding his son on TikTok. It seems he has taken to fatherhood quite naturally and quickly. Congratulations to the new parents.

Unexpected airs Sundays on TLC.

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