‘OutDaughtered:’ Uncle Dale Mills Shoots For Skimpy Daisy Duke Look

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Uncle Dale Mills of OutDaughtered took to Instagram to show off a stylish new pair of blue jean shorts he acquired recently. In his Instagram Stories post, Dale admitted he thought the shorts were giving off some serious “dad” vibes. He, however, had one major problem with the shorts. Turns out, the TLC star just didn’t think the shorts were short enough to match his personality. Truthfully, he was looking for more of a tattered, Daisy Duke-inspired look. So, he was hoping to make the shorts a bit shorter first.

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Uncle Dale Mills promises new TikTok with Daisy Dukes

The OutDaughtered uncle tells his Instagram followers it is just about time for a new TikTok. And, he thinks these new shorts will be the perfect ensemble for him to wear. He jests that he just needs to get them a bit shorter first. Once he gets the length of his new shorts under control, he promises to get a new TikTok video uploaded.

When was the last time he posted on TikTok?

Sadly, Uncle Dale Mills really hasn’t been that active on TikTok as of late. He posted a video a couple of weeks ago. But, it was a sponsored promotion of Hello Fresh. His post before that was also an advertisement. So, OutDaughtered fans are all in agreement it is definitely time to see some fresh content from the Mills family on TikTok.

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Uncle Dale Mills rocked Daisy Dukes before

In July of 2020, Uncle Dale Mills uploaded a video of himself jamming out while wearing short and tattered blue jean shorts. His hair was long and stuffed into a sun hat. He paired his Daisy Dukes with a short white muscle shirt and a pair of American-themed cowboy boots. In the comments, fans were here for the chiseled leggy display Uncle Dale put on in the short shorts.

In the comments, some fans realized that with this type of attire and longer hair that Uncle Dale Mills had a celebrity doppelganger. Who was it fans believed Uncle Dale looked like? Liked nearly 100 times, one individual admits they thought the video was Billy Ray Cyrus dancing for a moment. While Uncle Dale didn’t respond to the comment, he did acknowledge it by liking it.

Here’s some of what fans had to say in the comments of the TikTok video featuring his short shorts:

OutDaughtered fans love his chiseled frame

Uncle Dale Mills always gets fans drooling when he wears short or snug outfits while dancing on TikTok or Instagram. Under his baggy clothing and his goofy personality is not the “dad bod” some expect. Turns out, Uncle Dale is a rather muscular individual and fans consider Aunt KiKi to be a very lucky girl.

Do you want to see Uncle Dale Mills rocking some short, tattered Daisy Duke-inspired blue jean shorts? Do you think he really needs to cut those shorts any shorter than they already are? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. And, keep coming back to TvShowsAce for the latest on OutDaughtered.

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