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Jacob Roloff Ponders If Leaving Reality TV Was A Mistake

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Jacob Roloff took to Twitter a few days ago to speak his mind. Turns out, Amy and Matt’s son wonders if walking away from reality TV and advertisement money was really the best idea. Was this a decision he would come to regret? What has Isabel Roloff’s husband questioning if leaving the reality TV world behind was a mistake? Keep reading for the details.

Jacob Roloff - Isabel - Instagram
Jacob Roloff – Isabel – Instagram

Jacob Roloff ponders if he should have sold his soul

Amy and Matt Roloff’s son has never been shy about his feelings toward reality TV. Jacob Roloff admitted on social media that LPBW is far from reality. He notes that it feels like he’s watching characters that kind of look like his family, but don’t act like them. He’s always been very blunt with feeling like being on reality TV was no different than selling your soul for some easy cash.

Married to his beautiful wife Isabel, Jacob also recently welcomed his first child into the world. Jacob Roloff made it clear early on that they would not share their son’s face with the public. They would protect and respect their son’s privacy. If Mateo wanted to be in the spotlight when he is older, it was a decision he could make on his own.

Jacob Roloff Instagram, LPBW
Jacob Roloff Instagram

Jacob Roloff’s recent tweet has fans thinking he and Isabel might be feeling the pressure of rising prices in the economy as they enjoy parenthood for the first time. The former TLC star questioned if he’s going to come to regret not selling his soul to reality TV and advertisements as rent prices continue to climb.

He penned: “Did I screw up not selling my soul for TV & ad money? Hope not lol but rent is too d*mn high and I work too d*mn much. Life is for vibes.”

You can see Jacob Roloff’s tweet down below:

Twitter shows him some love in response

Jacob doesn’t have a massive following on Twitter, but he did have a few people respond to his tweet. One individual praised him and told him to never regret his decision to walk away from TLC. A second individual told Jacob he should consider buying a home instead of renting. A third praised Jacob for refusing to be a puppet of reality TV.

LPBW fans have mixed feelings about Jacob Roloff and his wife Isabel. But, they hope the couple is fairing alright as his tweet suggests they may be struggling financially.

Jacob Roloff's Wife Preparing To Launch Podcast? [Credit: Isabel Roloff/Instagram]
[Credit: Isabel Roloff/Instagram]
What do you think of what Jacob had to say on Twitter? Let us know in the comments. And, keep coming back for more Roloff news.

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