Is ‘When Calls The Heart’ Star Leaving For GAC?

Photo: Jack Wagner, Chris McNally, Erin Krakow

Could a longtime resident of Hope Valley be leaving When Calls The Heart for GAC? The recent storyline has created a lot of online rumors. It is pretty difficult to miss them.

However, a recording for a GAC Media online event could possibly hold clues to what is next for this well-known star.

This is a warning for those Hearties who don’t want any possible spoilers.

Hearties Speculating Over When Calls The Heart Incident

On Sunday, on When Calls The Heart Season 9, Episode 8, entitled “Hope Valley Days: Part 2,” Bill Avery (Jack Wagner) started to cough blood into a kerchief.

Even a previous episode showed Dr. Carter (Andrea Brooks) sending Bill to Union City for a chest X-ray. She thinks he could have pneumonia.

Of course, this season’s episodes take place in 1919. What happened then? The Spanish Flu was rampant. Pneumonia and coughing blood was certainly symptoms of this pandemic.

Coughing up blood could also be a sign of tuberculosis.

Now, Hearties are wondering whether Jack Wagner will be leaving the series.

On one Hearties FB group, one fan’s commented, “I just started watching and saw the scene with Bill and his coughing spell. I hope Jack Wagner is not leaving the show. He brings so much humor to every episode!”

One fan wrote, “I read that he is leaving the show. Forget where I read it…I am so upset that he may be leaving.”

On another WCTH fan site, there are rumors that he will return to General Hospital and reprise his role as Frisco Jones. There may even be a rumor or two floating around that Wagner is returning to The Bold And The Beautiful, and reprising his role as Dominick Marone.

However, one option that has not been offered is Jack Wagner going to GAC Media. That is very possible.

This is what we uncovered.

Photo: Jack Wagner Credit: ©2022 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: David Astorga
Photo: Jack Wagner Credit: ©2022 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: David Astorga

Is Jack Wagner Going To GAC?

Back in the early days of GAC Family, Bill Abbott, the former Hallmark CEO and current GAC Media CEO hosted an After Show Party. This aired right after the premiere of the first GAC Family Christmas movie, Much Ado About Christmas. Just a few days before, Danica McKellar signed an exclusive contract with GAC Media.

In addition to Abbott, the lively conversation included Michael Damian, the director of the movie, Janeen Damian, Jen Lilley, and Larissa Wohl.

Since Michael Damian and Jen Lilley were both soap stars, they both shared some stories. Out of the blue, Bill Abbott asked Jen Lilley if she worked with Wagner, who was on the soap before Lilley was even born. They all laughed.

There was a brief discussion about Jack also being a singer. Then, at 1:08:03, Bill Abbott shared, “Yes, he will be part of the family.”

GAC After Show-
GAC After Show-

That seems to indicate that Bill Abbott confirmed that Jack Wagner was going to GAC Media. However, in the days, or six months following this statement, there has not been any indication from Wagner, Hallmark, or GAC that he is leaving When Calls The Heart.

Yet, Danica McKellar waited until her Hallmark movie, You, Me & The Christmas Trees, aired on Hallmark before her exclusive deal was announced.

Could that be the reason that nothing more has been said about Wagner? Moreover, could he want to wait until his story arch is over before he makes an announcement?

Could Jack have changed his mind? Could Bill Abbott have meant something else? We have shared the video here. We encourage Hearties to share what they think this means.

As for now, nothing is official. Nothing has been officially announced. This was a very startling comment to hear, with no follow-up. Could there be a reason for that?

Jack Wagner On Nearly Every Episode Of When Calls The Heart

According to his IMDb, Jack Wager has portrayed Bill Avery on 88 episodes of When Calls The Heart. His first episode was in “Rules Of Engagement.”

Currently, Wagner is confirmed to star in the next four episodes. Hallmark has not released the cast listing for the final episode of WCTH Season 9.

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  1. Please keep Jack Wagner on WCTH. He is an awesome addition to the show. I Love His Part. Please talk him into staying and let him get well. Thank you from a very loyal WCTH fan since day one.

  2. Just adore Jack Wagner in “ When Calls The Heart”. I would find it hard for his character to be replaced.

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