Adam Busby ‘Bummed’ For Hazel & Olivia: Find Out Why

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Adam Busby took to Instagram to share some fun pictures from the quints’ very first field day! In the caption, he admitted he was super bummed for Hazel and Olivia. Why was the OutDaughtered father bummed for these two quints in particular? Keep reading for the details and to see some of the fun field day snapshots!

Outdaughtered Adam Busby Hazel Busby Eye Update
Outdaughtered Adam Busby Hazel Busby

Adam Busby is bummed for Hazel and Olivia: Why?

The OutDaughtered father tells Instagram he’s super bummed for Olivia and Hazel in his latest Instagram post. Turns out, the quints had their very first field day. Sadly, both Hazel and Olivia missed out on field day. Adam explains he was bummed for his two little girls because he knew they were super excited for field day. And, he was so sorry they had to miss it.

Adam didn’t clarify why Hazel and Olivia missed field day, but fans know there has been some sort of bug going through the house. So, fans assume Hazel and Olivia might’ve been out sick that day. Likewise, they also could have had some sort of medical appointment that day too.

Credit: Adam Busby/Instagram
Credit: Adam Busby/Instagram

See fun field day pictures

Despite being bummed for Hazel and Olivia, Adam Busby was happy the other girls got to have such a great time. He shared a few fun photos from their field day on Instagram. These photos included the girls playing various games and having a grand time. This photo update was a little different compared to normal posts. It appeared as if Adam was sharing photos of photos. So, it is unclear if he or Danielle attended the girls’ first field day.

Adam shared several photos featuring Parker, Ava, and Riley having a grand time. In some of the photos, they had serious expressions on their faces as they concentrated on what they were doing. In other photos, the girls glowed with huge smiles on their faces.

OutDaughtered - Adam - Instagram
OutDaughtered – Adam – Instagram

OutDaughtered fans react to the update

Fans joined Adam Busby in being bummed for Hazel and Olivia. They hoped the two quints were doing alright despite missing field day. Fans, however, also appreciated their father taking the time to share these exciting field day photos. With the show not currently airing new episodes (and it being unclear if the show will return), these social media updates are all fans have to cling to. Fortunately, Adam and Danielle do a pretty incredible job posting photo and video updates.

OutDaughtered - Adam - Instagram
OutDaughtered – Adam – Instagram

Are you bummed for Hazel and Olivia Busby too? Let us know what you think of these photos down below. And, keep coming back for the latest on the Busby family!

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