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Kim Kardashian Wears Pete Davidson’s Pants, He Wears Her Underwear?

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Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson are getting pretty serious. Now, it seems they are at the next step in their relationship – sharing their clothing.

Kim Kardashian wears Pete’s clothes

Kim Kardashian posted a new photo on Instagram and it’s got people talking about her clothing. The post features her in a bra and some seemingly oversized sweat pants. She’s posing in front of the pool showing off her snatched waist. The pants hang down below her waist. Then, they totally cover her feet since they are so long.

The post seems to be an ad for SKIMS – her clothing line. She captions the post saying: “Sunday in my @skims ☀️”

However, the SKIMS aren’t really what people seem to be noticing on her. Instead, they are focusing on her extra-large pants The Sun reports. Some people even took to commenting and trying to figure out what she’s wearing. Could they be Pete Davidson’s pants?

Kim Kardashian | Instagram
Kim Kardashian | Instagram
  • “I was gonna ask if people think the tracksuit is Pete’s, because they look mighty long on her.”
  • “Definitely Pete’s sweatpants…”
  • “Trying to break the internet in Pete’s sweatpants, huh?”
  • “Those are Pete’s sweatpants 👀”
  • “And Pete’s sweats🤔😂 so cute either way! 😍”

It’s clear people are still obsessing over Kim and her relationship with the Saturday Night Live comedian.

So, it seems that perhaps Kim is wearing her boyfriend’s pants on the internet. Kim is known for wearing interesting clothing so it wouldn’t be a huge surprise if these were hers. However, they do seem to be pretty big on her.

Kim Kardashian | Instagram
Kim Kardashian | Instagram

This isn’t the first time

This isn’t the first time the couple has shared clothing! Just recently, Kim admits Pete wears her underwear. However, not to worry. Turns out, he just enjoys wearing SKIMS. Apparently, he owns the boyfriend collection. This is SKIMS unisex collection.

“He has the boyfriend collection,” Kim reveals. “The shirts, tee shirts and underwear – super comfy,” Kim previously shares in an interview. So, clearly, Pete is a fan of his girlfriend’s intimates.

With all of their clothes sharing it appears that they are really getting comfortable with each other. If Kim has his pants then they must be spending a lot of time together at each other’s homes.

Do you think Kim is wearing Pete’s pants in her Instagram photo? Let us know in the comments below. Come back for more on all of your favorite Kardashian family members.

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