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Kody, Robyn & Meri Brown In Danger As Arizona Fire Burns 20k Acres?

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Are Sister Wives stars Robyn, Meri, and Kody Brown in danger of losing their homes to Arizona fires? Read on to find out what we know right now about the family’s dangerous circumstances.

Wildfires rage on the West coast

While the East coast recently found itself in the middle of an April snowstorm, the West coast is engulfed in flames. Many desert states, such as Colorado, California, and Arizona, are facing another season of forest fires.

Many residents of Boulder County in Colorado are under evacuation orders due to the fire danger. Now several Sister Wives stars may face the same danger as fires burn through Arizona.

Kody, Robyn & Meri in danger as Arizona fire burns 20k acres?

Flagstaff, Arizona, is the latest area hit by devastating wildfires. Sister Wives star Kody Brown moved his family, including four wives and several minor children, from Las Vegas to Flagstaff in 2018. The large family has yet to build homes on the massive Coyote Pass land. Now it might be too late.

Christine Brown fled the plural family in late 2021 to return to Utah. At this point, she appears to be the only Sister Wives star not in danger from the wildfires.

The Sun reports that Robyn and Kody live just over 20 miles from the fire. Furthermore, Meri Brown’s $1million home is just 14 miles away from the wildfire, dubbed the Tunnel Fire.

Despite being a polygamist, Kody Brown appears to live solely with his fourth wife, Robyn Brown. His other wives live in separate homes.

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Robyn and Kody Brown/Credit: TLC YouTube

This isn’t the Brown family’s first experience with wildfire. The Suni recalls that the Rafael Fire of 2021 threatened Meri and Janelle’s homes. Janelle no longer lives in the same home she was living in a year ago. She spent the summer living in an RV and may return to RV living soon.

Meri Brown posts a cryptic quote about death

Amid news of the Arizona wildfires, Meri Brown posted a cryptic quote on her social media about death. She reshared a quote about fear. “Fear does not stop death. It stops life.”

Credit: Meri Brown Instagram

It seems Meri Brown is determined not to live her life in fear as wildfires ravage near her home.

Hopefully, the wildfires in Arizona and Colorado will be under control soon and nearby families will be out of danger.

Check back with us for updates on the safety of the Brown family as wildfires threaten to engulf their homes.

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