Could ‘Fuller House’ Season 6 Air On GAC Family?

Could Fuller House Season 6 Air On GAC Family? [Credit: Netflix/YouTube]

Fuller House Season 6 hasn’t been announced yet. Netflix ended the popular reboot after five seasons in June 2020. It has since found new life in GAC Family. Fans can watch past episodes of Fuller House and Full House most of the day and night.

Earlier this week, TV Shows Ace shared the big news that Candace Cameron Bure is joining the network. She is the latest Hallmark Channel star who is joining the ranks with GAC Media. She signed an exclusive contract with the company. This is giving fans hope that Fuller House could find new life on the cable network.

Candace Cameron Bure moves to GAC Media

GAC announced that Candace Cameron Bure is moving over to GAC Media. She will be working alongside former Hallmark CEO Bill Abbott. In this new deal, she will create, produce, and star in movies and television shows for GAC Family and GAC Living. She will be taking on more acting-related work than usual, which means she could bring Fuller House over to the network.

Bure might have that kind of pull thanks to this contract deal. She will take on the role of the executive as she oversees and curates the programming for both networks. Bure will also bring more seasonal content, including Christmas-themed movies. GAC Family has already been teasing their upcoming Great American Christmas for later this year.

Fuller House Could Comeback [Credit: Netflix/YouTube]
[Credit: Netflix/YouTube]
This is big news for the network. It’s also a huge loss for the Hallmark Channel. It’ll be interesting to see how that network will roll out its annual Christmas movies. Bure was part of Hallmark Channel’s Countdown to Christmas. She also played the role of Aurora Teagarden in the movies and television shows.

But this could be good news for Fuller House fans. They want more from their favorite family. Season 5 left them with a lot of questions and a possible return. Bure feels this was the right choice with GAC Media. According to the press release sent to TV Shows Ace, she teased that she will bring more “heartwarming and faith-filled programming and make the kind of stories my family and I love to watch.”

Will Fuller House Season 6 come to GAC Family?

The reboot received rave reviews when it first premiered on Netflix in 2016. Fuller House Season 5 dropped on Netflix in two parts, which consisted of nine episodes each. For now, fans can get their fix by watching Fuller House on GAC Family from 10 p.m. to 1 a.m. on Monday through Friday.

The release date for Fuller House Season 6 has not been announced yet. However, it could happen now that Bure is working with GAC media. Netflix canceled the series because they wanted to focus on more original content. Bure has teased the possibility of a return to Fuller House in the past. There’s also the possibility of doing a special to honor the late Bob Saget.

So, it’s not out of the question yet. As they say on the show, “the door’s always open.” What are your thoughts on Fuller House Season 6? Do you think it could find new life in GAC Family? Sound off below in the comment section.

Check back with TV Shows Ace for more news on Fuller House.

Chanel Adams


  1. Not only do i love the show FULLER HOUSE ive watched and rewatched it many times.. i no longer have netflix for a few reasons so im very hapoy its on GAC. I would love for it to pick back up with a season 6. Not only because its a great show but because Danny Tanner (Bob Sagget) needs to be honored with a farewell from the Tanners and America! And because America needs good wholesome shows back on the air.. Todays television shows arnt that great because they involve to much unwanted things like saying its ok to be gay or transgender that teaches our children to go against GOD which is totally wrong..

    1. I agree with you 100%. fuller house needs to come back and not 20 years from now. fuller house was an awesome show. I cancelled Netflix when they dropped the show. I feel it was a big mistake they did that. they left us with Stephanie being pregnant and more. please please bring fuller house back. we need more wholesome, feel good tv shows!!

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