‘Below Deck’: Magda Puts On Leggy Display, Goes Naked At The Beach

Below Deck: Magda Puts On Leggy Display, Goes Naked At The Beach [Credit: Magda Ziomek/Instagram]

Below Deck Down Under star Madga Ziomek posed naked at the beach. The Polish beauty made her debut on the Peacock original. Ever since the show premiered last month, fans wanted to know more about her. She is known for her natural beauty and charm, which captivates the male deckhands.

This also gives her some hefty competition among the female crew members. But unlike Ashley Marti from Season 3 of Below Deck Sailing Yacht, she’s not in direct competition with anyone. Magda admitted that she’s in love with her Polish boyfriend. However, the two encounter problems in their long-distance relationship as she works at sea.

In a new Instagram post, Below Deck fans are seeing Magda in all her glory.

Magda Ziomek gives off Venus vibes

The Below Deck Down Under crew member gave off major Venus vibes in her new Instagram post. On Thursday, April 21, the model shared a photo of herself in the buff. Magda puts on a leggy display in the naked snapshot. She keeps her important bits covered with her arms and legs.

Magda passed against the rocks by sticking out her left leg. She placed her arms on the rock, ensuring they covered her breasts. Magda smoldered for the camera. Her blonde hair was wet and wavy. She posed on the beach, which showed the beautiful sparkling water in the background.

Below Deck Down Magda [Credit: Peacock/YouTube]
[Credit: Peacock/YouTube]
The Below Deck star wanted to embrace her inner Venus with this photoshoot. Check out the NSFW photo for yourself here. She captioned the photo with a poem about the Goddess of Love. Magda embraced that kind of love with the naked photo. It sure is an interesting way to promote the new Below Deck Down Under spinoff series.

“This is Venus’ place, For she loves to smile at the bright #sea,” Magda wrote in the caption. “And make sailors happy. All around her the sea trembles, Seeing her loveliness.”

Below Deck Down Under fans lose their minds

The former yoga instructor attracted attention with her nude photo. Below Deck Down Under fans took to the comment section to share their thoughts. Most of them lost their minds over the photo. One user was speechless and only used the following emojis: “😮🔥👏.” Others used emojis to express themselves.

“✨Hot AF✨,” one fan wrote while another added “🔥🔥🔥” to symbolize her hotness. Another called Magda “One of god’s angels,” while one wrote, “Omg you’re stunning.” Thankfully, most of the comments didn’t come from men. Magda received a lot of support from her female fans as well.

Below Deck Down Under Magda Poses Nude
[Credit: Magda Ziomek/Instagram]
What’s interesting is that Magda didn’t receive any support from her Below Deck Down Under crew members. She still works in the yachting industry, as she previously shared photos of herself cleaning the deck. It looks like she changed careers. Magda was a stew on Below Deck Down Under but now works as a deckhand.

What are your thoughts on Magda’s nude photo? Were you shocked? Sound off below in the comment section. New episodes of Below Deck Down Under drop on Thursdays on Peacock.

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