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‘OutDaughtered’ Ava & Olivia Busby Take Illness To Next Twin Level?

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Danielle Busby revealed that Ava and Olivia took being the Busby twins to a new level this week. What did the girls do that got their mother talking? Keep reading for the details.

Danielle Busby: Ava & Olivia take twins to a new level

Technically, Ava and Olivia Busby are part of the OutDaughtered quints. They, however, are also identical twins. For the most part, fans can tell all of Danielle Busby and Adam’s girls apart. Ava and Olivia, however, look identical. So, fans struggle to figure out who is how. Danielle recently spilled the beans that even Adam sometimes struggles with trying to tell Ava and Olivia apart.

OutDaughtered twins Ava and Olivia
OutDaughtered twins Ava and Olivia

For a period of time, telling Ava and Olivia apart became easier for fans because they had very different hair. This changed recently when Danielle took some of the girls to get their hair done. The finished product involved Ava and Olivia now having the exact same hair again. It was at that moment that Danielle jested daddy wouldn’t be able to tell them apart again.

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Just when Danielle Busby thinks she knows it all, Ava and Olivia surprise her by taking being twins to the next level. Turns out, the girls both managed to get sick with the same bug and had to stay home from school. Danielle shared a photo of Ava and Olivia curled up on the couch under some blankets as they watched TV. The OutDaughtered mother thought it was funny that the twins even managed to get sick together.


Blayke was also not feeling well

Adam Busby had previously taken to his own Instagram Stories to admit he was going to work outside and keep his distance from the girl. He wasn’t sure what kind of bug they had. But, he didn’t want to get sick. So, he got cozy in a hammock in the yard so he could work. He was later joined in the hammock by Hazel after she came home from school.

Ava and Olivia busby sick

In addition to Olivia and Ava, Adam Busby revealed that big sister Blayke was also home sick from school. The family’s later Instagram activity, however, confirms the girls are on the mend after feeling unwell.

Do you think it is sweet that Ava and Olivia even get sick together? Share your thoughts with us in the comments on what Danielle Busby has shared. And, keep coming back for the latest OutDaughtered news.

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