‘OutDaughtered’ Why Riley Busby Is Danielle’s Top Shelf Kid

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Danielle Busby shared a silly and adorable photo of her daughter, Riley, on Instagram this weekend. She jested in the comments that there were times when having so many little people running around had its advantages. Turns out, Riley being so small allowed her to help her mother Danielle in a big way. What was this silly photo of Riley? How did her small size allow her to help her mother? Keep reading for the details.

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Riley Busby/Credit: Adam Busby/Instagram

Riley Busby gets shelved

The photo Danielle Busby shared on her photo featured her daughter Riley squished in between a few wire metal shelves. OutDaughtered fans assume they were doing some work at Graeson Bee’s new storefront when this photo was snapped. Riley was sitting up and hunched over so she didn’t hit her head on the shelf above her. She had a huge smile on her face as she posed for the camera.

Adam Busby Daughter Riley
Adam Busby | Instagram


The perks of small children

Danielle Busby of OutDaughtered is no stranger to how difficult it can be to manage so many small children. She and her husband Adam, however, wouldn’t have it any other way. They’ve gotten so used to the chaos of so many children that it is second nature now. In the caption of her photo, she jested there were some big perks to having small children.

She penned: “Sometimes it’s helpful to have a little one with you .Thanks for the help RiRi.”

Now, the photo revealed Danielle was thanking Riley for squeezing in between the shelves to help her mother get a few things done.

Riley Busby Danielle busby Instagram

OutDaughtered fans react to Danielle Busby’s photo

In the comments, fans didn’t hold back flooding this photo of Riley Busby with adoration. Many OutDaughtered fans noted the quint was looking more and more like her father every day. Some fans added they were honestly a bit sad by how big Riley looked in the photo. Several of Danielle’s followers also took a moment to appreciate the adorable braids Riley was rocking in this photo.

Do you think it is sweet that Riley Busby was able to lend her mother Danielle a hand? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest OutDaughtered news.

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