More To Lydia Plath Than What We See?

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Welcome to Plathville fans have gotten to know Lydia Plath on the show. However, they may not have discovered who she actually is. Is there more to Kim and Barry Plath’s daughter than we might already know?

Lydia is the fifth of Kim and Barry’s nine children. On the show, she is often helping out with her younger siblings and staying busy with housework. She also showed viewers that she’s a strong Christian and a good student.

Outside of that, fans didn’t really get a very good look at who she was. Much of her screentime was dedicated to her religious beliefs, her work around the house, and similar things.

Now, it looks like Lydia Plath has begun to find herself and is now putting her personality on display for fans to see.

YouTube, Lydia Plath

Who really is Lydia Plath?

Now, Lydia is starting to show fans who she really is. She recently joined Instagram and has been sharing lots of posts with fans, giving them a peek into her life. She’s often spending time with her siblings or getting together with a group of friends.

After Season 3 ended, Lydia Plath branched out from some of her parents’ strict rules, including the way she dresses. She doesn’t challenge her parents’ rules the same way her sister Moriah does, but it looks like she is taking small steps in that direction. She’s trying to figure out who she is, so we might see more changes from her soon.

The Welcome to Plathville star has also kicked off her own music career. In one YouTube video, she made her musical debut. In the past, she has performed with her family, but now, she’s doing her own thing.

In a recent YouTube video, Lydia Plath also opened up about her faith and where she currently stands when it comes to her religious beliefs. She also shared her testimony with fans.

In the new season of the show, fans will get a better look at who Lydia has become. So, we will have to wait and see what happens with her in Season 4.

So, what do you think of Lydia Plath’s personality? Do you love seeing her become her true self? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below. For more Welcome to Plathville news, come back to TV Shows Ace. Don’t miss the Welcome to Plathville Season 4 premiere next month. You can get all of the details here.

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