‘Below Deck’ Exposé: Ashley Marti’s Risqué Job Before Yachting

'Below Deck' Exposé: Ashley Marti's Risqué Job Before Yachting [Credit: Ashley Marti/Instagram]

Below Deck Sailing Yacht star Ashley Marti recently announced she joined OnlyFans. This move had fans wondering if she left the yachting industry behind. But the adult industry could be one that she’s grown accustomed to. Before she joined the Parsifal III, Ashley allegedly worked on an adult chat website.

She claimed that she worked as a bottle girl, which is true. She also had a handful of jobs along the way. Ashley comes off as flirtatious and body-confident on the show. She claims her man when she wants him. Her reason to join OnlyFans maybe because it’s not her first time working in the industry.

Ashley Marti joins OnlyFans

Late last month, the Below Deck Sailing Yacht star shared her new OnlyFans page. She casually dropped the link on Instagram, not knowing that she could get banned for directly linking it. The Bravo star made the announcement towards the end of March. Ashley followed up with Below Deck Sailing Yacht fans to assure them it wasn’t an April Fool’s joke.

“What you’ve all been waiting for… Subscribe for exclusive content, don’t miss out,” she wrote at the time. “Messages with tips will get responses. Check out my amazon wishlist and let me know if there’s any themed content you want to see. I’ll add to my wishlist for you and use whatever you purchase in my videos/pics.”

Ashley Marti With Below Deck Crew [Credit: Ashley Marti/Instagram]
[Credit: Ashley Marti/Instagram]
Ashley is the first cast member in the Below Deck franchise to join the adult platform. According to her Instagram page, she currently works on small boats. It doesn’t look like she’s still working in the yachting industry. As fans know, Ashley struggled with her job on Season 3 of Below Deck Sailing.

She even butted heads with second stew Gabriela Barrigan. Ashley felt that she should be promoted to second stew. Yet, Gabriela knows her job more. The two ladies fight over everything, including the attention of first mate Gary King.

Worked in adult entertainment before Below Deck

According to Starcasm, Ashley’s debut on OnlyFans wouldn’t be her first time working in the adult entertainment industry. She’s working solo at the moment, but that could all change. After the cast of Season 3 of Below Deck Sailing Yacht was announced, fans on Reddit shared photos of the new women on the show.

One came across Ashley’s former webcam profile. At the time, she used the stage name “jackie_xoxo1.” There are several videos and stills of a brunette woman that looks like Ashley. The women have similar features, like their freckles and the shape of their noses.

Below Deck Ashley Marti Worked In Adult Entertainment
[Credit: Ashley Marti/Instagram]
In the clips, Jackie wears an orange latex swimsuit that features rivets. She talks to users who enter her adult chat room. She even talks about her love for culinary food. On Below Deck Sailing Yacht, Ashley admitted her passion for cooking.

The woman in the videos also mentions that she has more risqué content for those who message her privately. You can check out the similarities between the two women here. Do you think Ashley is really Jackie? Sound off below in the comment section.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 3 airs on Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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