Meri Brown The Original Sister Wife Mean Girl, See Why

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Meri Brown does not have the best reputation if the rumors are to be listened to. Her sister wife, Janelle’s daughter, Maddie seemingly does not have the best relationship with her. Furthermore, she felt she was alone during the pandemic with no one to check in on or care about her. Now it appears she was not the best sister wife all along.

Meri Brown- Trouble All Along

It may have appeared everything was happy in the Brown family when Sister Wives debuted in 2010. However, there may have been more going on behind closed doors. She seemingly had a great relationship with her sister wives Janelle and Christine as well as the original twelve children. Meri was even the one to recruit fourth wife, Robyn. Yet, she originally held a lot of jealousy inside for Janelle when she moved in. Later she would admit the jealousy was worse for Christine and she does not know why. As for all of the kids running in and out of their plural home, this was an issue. The three wives were seen sharing one home in the first two seasons. Meri would later admit it was a struggle having them come in and out of her area.

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Janelle often had to sneak outside of the home just to get to Christine’s area. Then the catfishing incident occurred after she divorced Kody so Robyn could marry him. The family welcomed her back though she and Kody would never be the same. She knew that he and her just had a friendship but she acted so desperate around him. Additionally, she acted like none of her family would even care if she got sick during the pandemic. Janelle maintained this was not true and she was always a phone call away. Now, an excerpt from the Brown’s book Becoming Sister Wives has been posted on Reddit. It is making fans feel Meri was the bad sister wife all along.

Bad Bad Meri Brown

An excerpt from the book was posted on Reddit and it involved Janelle, Meri, and Kody. Janelle was pregnant and just had her makeup done by a friend to feel pretty. At the same time, Kody was leaving to log for work and taking Meri. Apparently, Meri Brown decided to ridicule her sister wife until she cried. As Kody was leaving, she just needed validation that he loved her but he was on the verge of laughing. To fans, this was awful behavior for Meri and it started a Reddit thread. “Fast forward to the most recent tell-all when Kody was flat out asked if he was in love with Janelle and he justified himself by saying she wasn’t in love with him either. Hindsight those weren’t pregnancy hormones making her feel insecure, that was a gut instinct,” one commented.

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Another added: “Meri plays the victim card very well.” It was also followed by this: “Yeap, meri is unbearable. How do you have over 20 people you’ve lived with, and have no close relationships with any of them?” The fact that she was so cruel to Janelle when she was just trying to be pretty is so sad. In the end, one Redditor shared these words: “Maybe Meri is now living her karma. She was terrible to Christine and Janelle alot. Her picking Sobyn and it turning out this way is her karma.”

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  1. We have been down this road so many times. We’ve discussed why each one acted this way – then that way. I came to the conclusion a long time ago that Meri had ONE child and liked a clean house. The others – not so much. The fact that they didn’t worry about their house being clean was proven with a lot of different sightings on tv and social media. Another time was when they moved out of Vegas and Janelle was trying to sell the properties. We were all like – – MY Goodness, why didn’t they clean up the houses first.
    When they were moving out the furniture looked like it had been bought cheap and wrestled on at the fair. I made a comment that several in my family had a lot of kids but they were taught to respect the property/furniture. My one sister was a single mom with five. Her husband left her on her own when she was pregnant with the youngest and did not support her. She might get cluttered but it was always cleaned up. The yard was cleaned up from toys every night.
    They clashed with Meri over that and a lot of things. The kids didn’t show Meri respect because the Moms’ didn’t teach them to. I am not saying Meri never did anything wrong but it was like the two moms and their kids against Meri. She was never going to win.

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