Kody Brown’s Relationship With Kids Depends On Who Mom Is?

Kody Brown from TLC

Sister Wives patriarch Kody Brown isn’t the most popular person with fans. But now, fans might have stumbled upon an interesting theory.

Does Kody Brown’s relationship with his children based on his own relationship with the child’s mother? Keep reading to see what some viewers think.

Kody Brown cares more for some of his children than he does for the others

It’s no secret that Kody Brown has a better relationship with some of his children than others. But this isn’t entirely surprising, since he also plays favorites with his wives. That’s exactly why some Reddit users think they might be on to something.

Kody Brown/TLC

“I know this has been discussed before but Kody’s love for his children fluctuates so obviously depending on his relationship with their mother,” the original poster writes. “For example, as I’m watching older episodes where Christine was still the ‘keep sweet’ wife, I’m seeing that Kody is more involved with them when his relationship with Christine is better. He also seems to have a closer, more genuine relationship with Mariah before the catfishing situation with Meri. I guess I’m noticing that when they first moved to the cul de sac it’s not as obvious that Robyn is the favorite.”

A lot of other Reddit users echoed similar sentiments.

“Kody like many entitled parents ‘loves’ his children as long as they obey and worship him,” someone else chimed in. “When the children grow and have a mind of their own and are able to voice their thoughts he bails on them. Robyn’s little ones are too small to question their Dad, Robyn’s older children are dependent on Kody and Robyn for housing and are playing the game. Christine and Janelle’s youngest have witnessed the way they were neglected by Kody and how he treated Ysabel when he refused to be there for her for major surgery they know what he is…a clod. Dysfunction at its finest.”

Someone else added that Kody even admitted he plays favorites in an episode. Does any of this surprise you? Sound off in the comments.

And what about the fully grown children?

As we recently noted, some Sister Wives fans feel that Kody Brown doesn’t care much at all for his adult children. Another Reddit thread discussed how he seems to have a fractured relationship with his older kids.

“At best, his relationship with most of them (minus Robyn’s kids, of course) is probably more like a not-very-close uncle than a dad – just someone you see at holidays or the occasional birthday party,” one Reddit user pointed out.

So at the end of the day, it really does appear that Kody’s relationship with his children is based on how he views their mother. How do you feel about the situation? Be sure to let us know what you think in the comments.

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  1. He is an awfull dad and husband.janelle and merri.get out of there

    Follow Christine and divorse that ass
    Oh my god hi is so bad,only cares about Robin. That cry baby.

    1. Can’t stand Robin. She’s a cry-baby manipulator. And she’s ugly. Kody and her deserve each other cuz they’re both so selfish. Christine got out! Yay! Meri need to get out permanently! And Janelle (the doormat, who thinks she got it all together, but doesn’t) needs to grow a pair and bolt! Then the 2 most selfish people can be together. And no one should give a shit about them and they can lead their selfish lives!

  2. Kody Brown is a disgusting human being. He is a horrific father and is not a husband in anyway, shape or form to any wife but crying Robyn. Mary, Janelle and Christine have raised educated, kind, responsible, loving, hard working young adults. Robyns kids are needy, dependent, fragile, anti-social kids who are going to live at home forever. Robyn’s kids kiss Kody ass for a free ride. The two oldest are 22 and 20 and don’t have one thought of their own. How about all other wives and children shared bedrooms, cars… not Robyn’s kids 7 bedroom mansion, Christine and Janelle homes tiny postage stamps. Run ladies, run, never look back!!! Kody and Robyn deserve each other there disgusting.

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