Lifetime’s ‘Nightmare Neighborhood Moms’: All Details

Lifetime Nightmare Neighborhood Moms used with permission.

Jealous neighbors can be dangerous if you are watching a Lifetime movie!

Nightmare Neighborhood Moms stars Gina Simms (Killer Profile, The Christmas Heist), April Hale (A League Of Their Own, Malicious Mind Games), and Summer Madison (The Summer I turned Pretty, The Wonder Years).

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What Is Lifetime’s Nightmare Neighborhood Moms About?

According to the Lifetime synopsis, after moving into a new home, Charlotte (Hale) meets her competitive neighbor Bonnie (Sims).

However, when Charlotte and her daughter Jordan (Madison) discover another neighbor was killed not long ago in a robbery gone wrong, Jordan suggests they start a neighborhood watch. But, she did not realize it was Bonnie who secretly murdered the neighbor. That happened after discovering the neighbor was having an affair with her husband.

Believing her husband now has an eye for Charlotte, Bonnie sets out to destroy her, but underestimates the intelligence of Charlotte’s daughter–who is already onto Bonnie’s deadly intentions.

When Can You Watch LMN’s Nightmare Neighborhood Moms?

Lifetime’s Nightmare Neighborhood Moms premieres on Friday, April 8, at 8 p.m., Eastern, on LMN.

Don’t Miss Lifetime’s Killer Stepmom

Also airing on Friday, April 8, at 10 p.m., Eastern, right after Nightmare Neighborhood Mom is Killer Stepmom. This stars Julia Terranova (Homicide For The Holidays, Mysteries At The Museum), Jillian Murray (Code Black, A Kiss On Candy Cane Lane), Alison Robertson (For The People, The Way Out), and Jon Briddell (Doom Patrol, A Nashville Christmas Carol).

According to the Lifetime synopsis, High school student Brianna (Terranova) has gained a reputation for telling lies and creating trouble. Her parents, Annie (Robertson), and Daniel (Briddell) attribute their daughter’s behavior as her way of lashing out at them for their divorce, and Daniel re-marrying.

Unfortunately for Brianna, her bad reputation quickly catches up to her when she witnesses her new stepmom, Susanna (Murray), murder a man in a vacant parking lot. Without anyone to believe her, Brianna turns to her mom, begging her to believe Susanna is a murderer. Convinced, Annie must protect her daughter from Susanna before she can enact her devious plan to destroy Brianna’s family.

Lifetime Beware of Mom used with permission
Lifetime Beware of Mom used with permission

Start Evening Early With Lifetime’s Beware Of Mom

Start your Friday night with Beware of Mom, airing on LMN, on April 8, at 6 p.m., Eastern. This movie stars Crystal Allen (Am I A Serial Killer?, Picture Perfect Lies), Nicolette Langley (Dying To Be A Cheerleader, Betrayed),  Monica Rose Betz (Love Lost, Life Lost, Cheer Camp Killer), and René Ashton (This Is Us, Westworld).

According to the Lifetime synopsis, when a new family moves into their cul-de-sac, teenager Kylie (Langley) quickly makes friends with the family’s daughter, Jessie (Betz).

Jessie’s mother Anna (Allen) lets the girls stay up late. She also takes them on adventurous outings. That is not all. She gets them into rocking nightclubs and hosts high school parties at her house. However, as the adventures grow more wild and dangerous, Kylie’s mother Tanya grows worried. Soon, things spiral out of control as Anna tries to steal Kylie away from her family by any means necessary.

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