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Jax Taylor Mourns Both His Parents?

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Vanderpump Rules alum Jax Taylor mourns both his parents? Find out why fans are confused by his latest social media post.

Brittany Cartwright ends up in ER during vacation

A family vacation to the Sunshine State turned into an ER visit for Brittany Cartwright and Jax Taylor. The Vanderpump Rules alums took their son, Cruz, along with them to Florida for a friend’s wedding.

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While there, the small family went to the beach, among other activities. However, on the day of the friend’s wedding, Brittany Cartwright took an unexpected trip to the ER. It seems she had an allergic reaction to kiwi.

After an IV remedy, she rallied and still made the wedding. However, another post from Taylor about the time in Florida has fans scratching their head. Why is he mourning both his mom and dad?

Jax Taylor mourns both his parents?

During the Season 6 Vanderpump Rules Season 6 reunion, host Andy Cohen asked Jax Taylor about his father passing away. Ronald Cauchi passed away in December of 2017 after a brief battle with cancer. The death took a toll on Jax and his entire family.

At his 2019 wedding to Brittany Cartwright, the couple left a chair empty in tribute to Jax’s father.

In a recent social media post, Jax Taylor seemed to pay tribute to both his mom and his dad.

“Been waiting my whole life to do this…. I miss you mom and dad,” the reality star wrote on a photo. In the snapshot, his one-year-old son Cruz, sits atop his shoulders.

However, the photo sparked concern from fans – is his mom okay?

After the passing of his father, Jax Taylor became estranged from his mother. In fact, he didn’t invite his mom to his wedding.

It seems the two have yet to reconcile after his dad’s passing.

Why fans are calling him out for the post

Confused followers took to the comments to chide Jax Taylor for his strange caption.”Wait isn’t his mom still alive??” one confused tweet read.

Some even noted that his mother lives an hour away from where Jax and Brittany were vacationing, encouraging him to go visit his mom.

Critics took to Reddit to share their thoughts on Jax’s odd tweet. One Redditor called him out for changing the narrative.

“He said he didn’t even want to get married or have kids a few years ago, but sure- he’s waited his whole life to do that,” they wrote.

Another called Jax a “psycho” for his tweet. “I have experience with people you don’t talk to in your family and you sure as sh*t don’t pretend that they’re DEAD,” the person added.

What do you think about Jax Taylor mourning both of his parents, despite his mom still being alive? Share your reaction in the comments below.

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  1. I sympathise with Jax. My older Sister and I were very far apart. Didn’t know where she was after Katrina! Yet I get a call from my niece saying she died and wanted money to bury her! Then my “niece” wants to get her family back. Screwed my son out of a plane ticket, never stayed at my house. When she did show up, i threw her out! Done deal! So Jax Mom never told him how bad his dad was. That’s what this is about. I side with Jax. Mom needs to make things right!

  2. I agree to what Jax is doing I am family to her and she is doing the same to me..so I just keep her in prayer

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