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Emmy Medders & Chase Chrisley Silently Confirm Rumors?

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Emmy Medders posted something shocking on Instagram. It appeared as if she was silencing confirming rumors that have been swirling about her and Chase Chrisley. As we reported back on March 19th, it appeared as if Chase Chrisley rekindled his romance with Emmy Medders. Their Instagram Stories revealed they were hanging out and that they went on a date together. Since that time, their Stories activity revealed Chase was also a part of celebrating Emmy’s father’s birthday.

Sadly, Instagram Stories expire. And, neither Chase nor Emmy had posted anything on their profiles to confirm these romance rumors might be true. That, however, may have changed a few hours ago when Emmy Medders posted something surprising on her profile.

Emmy - Instagram
Emmy – Instagram

Emmy Medders silently confirms Chase Chrisley romance?

A few hours ago, Emmy Medders posted a photo of herself standing tall with Chase Chrisley. The two had huge, vibrant smiles on their face as they squeezed in close. Chase Chrisley had his head pressed against her forehead. Likewise, it appeared as if his arm was wrapped around her petite frame.

Emmy Medders donned a gorgeous short black dresser with short puffed sleeves. The length of the dress allowed her to put on a very leggy display. Everything from their body language to the smiles on their faces gave off vibes that they were more than just friends in this photo.

Chase Chrisley Emmy Medders Instagram

Wait, why did they break up anyway?

As we reported back in November of last year, Chase Chrisley did clear the air on why things ended between him and Emmy. Turns out, the couple thought it would be a healthy decision for them to split up. Chase explained they were just at two different places in their lives with what they were doing and what they wanted.

Fans know Emmy Medders is someone Chase wanted to date for a long time. He once told fans he put off being in a relationship with her because he wasn’t ready for her. Chrisley Knows Best fans absolutely love Emmy because she reminds them of a youthful Julie. Ultimately, fans think she’s perfect for him. They, however, also suspect Chase may not be mature enough to be with Emmy.

Emmy Medders - Instagram
Emmy Medders – Instagram

Emmy Medder’s photo of herself and Chase Chrisley included a white heart in the caption. Saying nothing else, she allowed imaginations and theories to run wild. Naturally, most assumed this meant they were back together and proceeded to dote on the couple in the comments.

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