‘SW:’ Real Reason Janelle Brown Doesn’t Wear Her Wedding Ring

Janelle and Kody Brown - Instagram

Janelle Brown shared a precious photo of herself with her granddaughter Evie K. recently. On RedditSister Wives fans were quick to take notice of Janelle’s naked ring finger. Some fans pointed out that she appeared to be flaunting her naked finger from the camera. Was this some sort of statement or were fans reading too much into this photo?

SW Janelle brown Youtube
Janelle – YouTube

Fans quick to call out the lack of a ring

Sister Wives fans are always quick to point out when Janelle Brown is not wearing a wedding ring in her photos. This isn’t the first time the topic has come up on Reddit recently. Other fans are always quick to point out that wearing or not wearing a wedding ring doesn’t mean much.

Moreover, fans recall Janelle mentioning that she didn’t really care about wearing her wedding ring. some fans even pointed out that they’ve been married for 20 or 30 years and they don’t like wearing a wedding ring either.

Are fans reading too much into the lack of a ring on Janelle Brown’s finger?

Janelle Brown/YouTube
Janelle Brown/YouTube

Simple reason why Janelle Brown doesn’t wear her ring?

One fan noted there could be a very simple reason why Janelle Brown doesn’t wear her wedding ring. The individual kicked off their very long explanation by stating they were not trying to come from a place of hate or judgment. But, they believed this reason was extremely possible. They added this reason why came from a place of love as they had absolutely no issues with Janelle.

The individual penned: “This is not coming from an ugly or judgemental place. But if she struggles with weight fluctuations she may not wear rings. They fit, then they are loose, then they are too tight. I struggle with weight fluctuations and that’s why I don’t usually wear my rings. They actually fit now, but sometimes my hands swell. It’s just easier to keep them someplace secure and only pull them out for occasions.”


Janelle Brown has been working on losing weight

It is no secret that Janelle Brown has been working hard on weight loss. She joined Maddie and Christine in pushing a weight loss product on their fans. Both Janelle and Christine have been flaunting their health, wellness, and weight loss all over Instagram lately.

Janelle Brown has been struggling with her weight for a while now. So, this theory isn’t unfounded.

Janelle Brown and Christine Brown via YouTube
Janelle Brown and Christine Brown via YouTube

Do you think this could be the real reason why Janelle Brown doesn’t wear her wedding ring? Let us know in the comments down below.

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  1. They never exchanged wedding rings at any of the 4 weddings. The first 3 wives sll got claddagh rings at some point as the symbolism was special to them. The 3 of them got together and bought one for Robin which they gifted to her at Robin & Kody’s reception. Some years later the 4 wives gifted Kody with his own claddagh ring. They said on the show numerous times there was never an exchange of wedding rings though. It’s just not their practice. In fact, that was the reason Kody said he forgot the ring exchange whenever he officiated Maddie & Kaleb’s wedding. I just spent 4 weeks sick and watching the entire series from beginning to end lol.

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