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‘Seeking Sister Wife’: Meet The Epps Family Of Season 4

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Seeking Sister Wife is returning for Season 4 in a few months and the cast has officially been revealed. Five couples will be joining the series, two from Season 3, and three newcomers. One of the new couples is the Epps family who seemingly has an interesting tale to tell. Nonetheless, they are still on the search for a new sister wife to add to the brood. So, more is there to know about Marcus, Taryn, and India Epps? Backwoods Barbi is spilling the tea.

Who Are The New Seeking Sister Wife Couples

Five couples are coming on for Season 4 of the hit TLC reality series. The first returning couple is Dannielle and Garrick Merrifield along with their potential Roberta from Brazil. Along with them are Tosha and Sidian Jones with their potential sister wife Arielle from the Phillippines. As for the new couples, it starts with Brenda and Steve Foley who are restarting their polygamist journey. The only catch is they have chosen someone much younger to court. Up next are Nick, April, and Jennifer Davis. They are quite unique in the sense that April and Jennifer are legally married. However, they have taken Nick’s last name to unify the family.

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Now the Davis family is looking to add on a third wife. Will they be successful? Finally, there is the Epps family of Marcus, Taryn, and India. At this point, they are looking to add on a third wife, as well. Yet, according to the press release, the throuple has some issues they need to address. This begs the question if this is the right time for them to add on a new wife. There is little known about them but thanks to Backwoods Barbi, she is giving some insight into the newbies.

Meet The Epps Family

With Seeking Sister Wife returning in around two months, fans want to know all they can about the new cast. Backwoods Barbi has the dish about the Epps family. Apparently, they live in Miami and are social media influencers with an emphasis on fashion who love hashtagging. BB claims she is getting a “suspicious” vibe from the family. She believes they are bragging a bit too much on social media and are pushing their achievements. However, they then add in a motivational speech to boot. It appears to her to be a facade of sorts. She wants to know the skeletons in the closet because nobody is perfect.

Seeking Sister Wife Credit: YouTube

BB is also questioning if all of the wives are truly on board with adding a new wife. Yet, India admits she loves culinary cuisine and has just recently married Marcus. She was prepping to go into planning mode but BB is sensing some Clark family vibes from last season. They had one legal wife and a much younger sister wife who felt like she was the maid/nanny of the house. All she wanted was to live her own life as well as be with the “king,” Jarod. It ended in disaster. Fans responded to BB and are somewhat skeptical but are here for the tea.

Are you excited for Season 4 of Seeking Sister Wife and to meet the Epps family? Let us know in the comments below.

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