‘Below Deck’ Malia White Says ‘F*** All Of This’ To Hannah Ferrier Feud

Below Deck Malia White Says F*** All Of This To Hannah Ferrier Feud [Credit: YouTube]

Below Deck Mediterranean star Malia White is opening up about her feud with Hannah Ferrier. The two ladies have butted heads over the years. Things took a turn for the worse when Malia informed Captain Sandy Yawn about the contents of Hannah’s belongings during Season 5. Malia came across unregistered Valium and a CBD pen. This led to Hannah’s shocking firing.

Malia and Sandy received backlash for their behavior that season. Most fans blamed Malia for getting Hannah in trouble even though it was Sandy who fired her. Hannah recently revealed that she doesn’t talk to either of them these days. Now, Malia is speaking out and saying “f*** all of this.”

Malia White addresses Hannah Ferrier feud

The Below Deck Med star appeared on Brandi Glanville’s Unfiltered podcast. Malia White confirmed that she won’t be returning for Season 7. She needed to take a break after the drama she dealt with during Season 5. She signed up for Season 6, not knowing that she would get backlash over Hannah’s firing.

The yachtie also wanted more training behind the cameras. Malia White reflected back on the controversial season when she turned in Hannah for the medication. She received a lot of hate on social media. This caused Malia to say, “F*** all of this.” The Bravo star said she doesn’t have beef with Hannah.

Below Deck: Malia White And Hannah Ferrier [Credit: YouTube]
[Credit: YouTube]
“I can’t say much, but everyone takes it as I snitched on Hannah,” Malia White said on the latest episode of the Friday, April 1st episode of the Brandi Glanville Unfiltered podcast. “And that’s not exactly how it all went down. But I understand that’s how she feels. I don’t dislike Hannah. That’s the thing is Hannah and I in work mode, we would sometime be at each other and we’d get frustrated with each other.”

The Below Deck alum made it clear that she never had it in for Hannah. It was never personal between them. It was only professional. Hannah and Malia were friends when they met in Season 2 of Below Deck. Their friendship ended when Malia’s love triangle disrupted the camaraderie on the boat.

She wishes this moment remained private on Below Deck Med

Malia and Sandy got a public lashing on social media. Most Below Deck Med fans demanded Bravo fire them. Yet, both Sandy and Malia returned the following season. Malia responded to the fallout of her actions. She claims she wasn’t looking to get rid of Hannah because of their fight over rooming arrangements.

“Listen, I got absolutely s*** on,” Malia said. “Like I got told, ‘Malia’s against mental health.’ and ‘Malia’s a snitch.’ I was like, ‘F*** all of this.’ I’m not against mental health. I am for doing everything by rules and regulations because I understand what Captain Sandy is up against with her captain’s license.”

Below Deck Med: Hannah Ferrier Gets Fired [Credit: YouTube]
[Credit: YouTube]
However, Malia wishes the matter would’ve remained private on Below Deck Meditteranean. Though it would’ve been hard to explain Hannah’s disappearance. She just wished the situation in regards to Hannah’s medication would’ve been handled away from the cameras. Malia regrets sending a private message that ended up on the show.

Malia shaded the Below Deck producers for turning her message “into a story.” She does have some regrets over the way things played out. What are your thoughts on Malia’s feud with Hannah? Sound off below in the comment section.

Below Deck Mediterranean is currently on hiatus. Catch up with previous seasons on Peacock.

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  1. That’s just ONE of the reasons I dislike Malia. I dislike her for a few others. I don’t like hypocrisy Sandy and Malia, I don’t like sneaking and she played way too many games with the men.

  2. She only turned her in after Hannah refused to change cabins. Petty if you ask me, if she was worried about the rules she would have done it as soon as she found out and not have waited until after they had their fight!

    1. I don’t like Sandy and Malia. I won’t watch the show again if either one is on it. The best captain is Lee. He doesn’t play games. Sandy tries too much to be liked and it really works against her. I find Malia creepy and vengeful. She’s a bi…! Who would want to kiss such a rat? Eeeeew!

  3. Malia’s action were totally retaliatory. She told Hannah to “man up”. OK, Malia way to support women! Gross, gross behavior by by Sandy & Malia. Stopped watching after this season.

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