Josh Duggar Scandal Puts Final Nail In Johnston & Busby’s Coffins?

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Adam Busby and Emma Johnston have both led fans to believe 7 Little Johnstons and OutDaughtered will be canceled in the near future. The question TLC viewers have is pretty simple: Why?

Sweet Home Sextuplets has also been axed from the network and fans are relatively sure The Little Couple isn’t returning for another season. Some TLC viewers even question if there is a real reason for Sister Wives to return for another season. Truthfully, fans of TLC have already noted they aren’t really sure why they’ll be tuning into the network at this point as all the good shows keep getting axed.

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It goes without saying that viewers who tune in to watch OutDaughtered and viewers that tune in to watch Dr. Pimple Popper are two different types of audiences. Likewise, the same is true for Sweet Home Sextuplets and My 600-Lb. Life.

TLC doesn’t want to cancel the Busbys or Johnstons

Sweet Home Sextuplets wasn’t really canceled by TLC. In fact, fans assume the network would have preferred to hang on to the series and keep it going. That being said, Courtney and Eric decided they didn’t want their kids to be in front of cameras anymore. They were ready to start living their life without reality TV. They did, however, promise to continue to update on social media.

Likewise, OutDaughtered fans assume the same is true of this series. Adam Busby, however, recently left a rather somber response to a fan asking about the future of the series. His response led fans to assume he and Danielle Busby had decided they didn’t want their girls to continue to be on the show.

Emma Johnston of 7 Little Johnstons also gave a pretty cryptic response to a fan on TikTok noting that they were filming 20 more episodes of the show and then “that’s it.”

Credit: 7 Little Johnstons/Instagram
Credit: 7 Little Johnstons/Instagram

Did Josh Duggar drive these wholesome families away?

Some fans can’t help but wonder if these wholesome families decided they didn’t want to be associated with TLC because of Josh Duggar. It is no secret that TLC cut ties with the family and canceled their series. It, however, wouldn’t be the first time TLC canceled a Duggar series only to bring them back later. Has Josh Duggar caused TLC to lose some of their more wholesome shows?

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What do you think about this theory about why the Johnstons and Busbys are walking away from the network? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest TLC news.

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  1. Love the 7 Little Johnstons. Best family show. Also like Outdaughtered
    Get rid of Duggar shows & 600 & 1000lb shows. Also Sextuplets , Sister Wives are extremely boring.Only watched 1 or 2 episodes of them . Really can’t stand to watch Sister Wives at all.

  2. A lot of these families are the sane type of Christians. Unlike the Duggars, they can’t be bought and are practicing what they preach by getting off the train before it wrecks. Not religious myself, but kudos to them!

    I only really watch Doubling Down anyway. TLC screwed themselves with their continuous backing the Duggars. Decent families that are likeable are not going to want their names associated with them.


  4. I love all but the new 600 #friends I I also can’t stand sister wives. Tired of the Duggers a while back but I do like the other families and how they keep going

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