Is Carlin Bates Milking Baby’s Birth For Views?

Carlin Bates Instagram

Bringing Up Bates star Carlin Bates revealed that her son was born on Sunday, March 27! Amid the exciting news of the baby’s birth, fans are wondering why the family has shared so few details about him.

After giving birth on Sunday, Carlin shared a snap of herself, her husband, Evan Stewart, and her baby boy in the hospital. She wrote a brief caption, welcoming the little guy to the world. Her post didn’t include many details at all, though.

When her mother, Kelly Bates, and sister-in-law Whitney stopped by to visit the baby, they didn’t reveal much, either. So, fans are still waiting to find out what the baby’s name is, how he’s doing, and more.

Previously, Carlin Bates said she wanted to wait to meet her baby boy before finalizing his name. She said she had a couple of top contenders, paired with the middle name Patrick.

But fans think something else might be going on that could explain why she isn’t sharing his name just yet.

Carlin Bates Instagram
Carlin Bates Instagram

Fans accuse Carlin Bates of using her son’s birth for views & revenue.

On RedditBringing Up Bates viewers are speculating that Carlin might be drawing out her baby’s birth and details for more views and money.

In a new post, a fan questioned why Carlin and Evan still hadn’t announced their baby’s name. The fan points out that the pregnancy and gender were revealed months ago yet the couple didn’t come up with a name for their son yet.

Someone else speculates, “They might wait to do a name reveal video on YouTube. Most YouTubers do. It’s a good way to drum up views because people are impatient to know the name.”

Another fan shared their theory, writing, “I’m guessing they sold a story/pics and have to wait for that.”

One Bringing Up Bates fan thinks it has something to do with the show being canceled. They write, “Now that the show money is over, they need to drive up views on Instagram and YouTube. This may drag out a day or so.”

Carlin Bates Instagram

So, do you think that Carlin Bates and Evan Stewart are attempting to milk their son’s birth to make more money online? Or do you think they genuinely haven’t come up with a name for the baby just yet? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. For more news about the Bringing Up Bates family, come back to TV Shows Ace.

We knew early that Carlin was pregnant. Early on that it was a boy and now that he’s out….
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