Christine Brown In Full Competition Mode With This Wife

Christine Brown was never shy to admit she felt extremely jealous when it came to Kody’s fourth wife, Robyn. He doted on her in ways he hadn’t done with the others. She was the young new thing with which he broke several courting rules. Therefore, it was hard not to feel a little sour towards her. Now, Christine admits she is in competition with one of her former sister wives. Yet, which one is she taking on and hoping to take down?

Christine Brown’s History With Her Sister Wives

When Christine joined the Brown family in 1994, she came in as the third wife. This was exactly what she had always wanted. Admittedly, she never wanted to be the first wife since she never wanted to be alone with a man, and being a second meant being the wedge. However, being a third was said to be the cure when a plural family was having issues and she was the perfect fix. She came in and was always happy and a ray of sunshine, ultimately being the one to raise the children and keep the home.

A family of three women and one man
The Brown family/Credit: TLC YouTube

Meri did admit during the Season 16 tell-all that she had more jealousy towards Christine than Janelle and she cannot explain why. Seeing Season 1 of Sister Wives, they worked as such a cohesive group of three women, it seems all issues had been resolved. Kody married his fourth wife, Robyn by that season’s end and she picked up where Christine left off. Christine still loved her family and her kids but she had to make time for herself. Unfortunately, as time went on, she started to feel removed from her sister wives, even from Kody.

Realizing Her Worth

Christine Brown was told by her father that she needed to start thinking about herself, something she had stopped doing. She only cared about her husband and her kids and eventually burned herself to the ground. Kody did not listen to what she said, feeling she was breaking the marital contract. She did not care and did what was best for her and that included proposing a move to Utah. The family had just moved to Flagstaff after purchasing a large lot of land, Coyote Pass. Sadly, they had yet to build on it and all the wives were either renting or had purchased their homes.

A woman in a yellow swear sulks as a man in a plaid shirt looks on
Credit: Christine and Kody Brown via YouTube

Christine shared she wanted to go back home to Utah now that polygamy was decriminalized. Kody claimed to be on board but when push came to shove, it turned out he was just pacifying her. They had been fighting for some time with her threatening to leave. She had the means as she was a successful MLM retailer. Finally, Kody took the intimacy from their marriage and that was the last straw. She left and relocated to Utah. Meri seemed indifferent, even mocking her while Robyn called the marriage a waste. Janelle is still a great ally. Then who of the three is Christine competing with?

Christine Brown Gets Her Competition On

In an Instagram post for her business with Janelle and Maddie, Christine shared some news. She and her former sister wife, Janelle are in competition with one another. Those who use the products they promote can choose teams- #teamjanelle or #teamchristine. In the end, each Brown woman has a different goal so follow the one who works best for you. Ultimately, it seems Christine is trying to get the most people on her team.

Christine Brown Credit: thesecrettoselfcare IG

Both have been working super hard to achieve their business goals but more importantly, they have not let the divorce impact their friendship. The two just brought their families along on a wellness trip to Disney World and had the best time. It is clear that, despite the competition, they are both coming out as winners in life.

What team would you be on? Let us know in the comments.

Amanda Lauren


    1. It would be Christine for me. Janelle is too uptight and doesn’t seem to know how to kick back, relax and have fun. Nor is she really a team player. Christine is a great blend of qualities including fun, playful, approachable and a good listener. I super like her. Just sayin’…

  1. I’m all for Christine, I do like Janelle though, Christine has just always been my favorite since day one.i wish her well and hope she continues to thrive.

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