Christine Brown Gets Petty About Polygamy In Latest Confession

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Sister Wives star Christine Brown gets petty about polygamy in her latest confession. What did she say about the controversial practice? Keep reading for all the details.

Sister Wives stars show their strong bond without Kody

Despite being a plural family of three wives for over a decade, Kody Brown’s sister wives don’t always get along. In fact, fans love to speculate about which wife is on the outs with the others. They usually guess the fourth wife to join the family, Robyn Brown never seemed to fit in.

However, Kody’s second and third wives – Janelle and Christine, respectively, – continue to be close. Both seem to be thriving and living their best lives away from their husband. Or ex-husband, in Christine’s case.

She made the shocking move of ending her relationship with Kody Brown last year. She moved back to Utah, which puts some distance between herself and her former sister wives.

But it seems Janelle and Christine’s bond is stronger than ever without Kody. The two took a short vacation/work trip to Disney with some of their kids. The mini vacay was partly to attend a Plexus retreat, as they both promote the diet drink.

However, they found time to enjoy the sunny weather with their combined kids.

With her exit from the plural family, fans can’t help but wonder if monogamy is Christine’s next step. Her recent petty diss about polygamy is sure to fuel the fire. What did she say?

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Christine Brown/Credit: TLC YouTube

Christine Brown gets petty about polygamy

Sister Wives viewers are firmly on Christine Brown’s side in her divorce from Kody. As mentioned, they hope she can find love again in a monogamous marriage. While Christine has remained mum on any dating plans, she didn’t keep quiet with a petty comment about plural relationships.

Similar to Meri Brown’s Fridays With Friends Instagram live stream, Christine occasionally posts Car Confessions. As the name implies, she films short clips in her car expressing various thoughts.

In her latest musing, she addresses how she can’t seem to pull off the double French braid hairstyle. After joking that her daughters have mastered the look, she took a petty swipe at polygamy.

“But me, I just look a polygamist,” she said. “How ironic,” Christine slyly added.

The video was shared by @kimmy_robinson_66 on Instagram. You can watch the clip below:

Does Kody Brown still believe in the controversial plural marriage?

Christine Brown may have left polygamy behind, but what about Kody Brown? Does he still believe in the practice? After all, many viewers think he is currently in a monogamous marriage with just Robyn Brown.

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The Brown family/Credit: TLC YouTube

In recent years, the television personality has seemed to tire of the plural marriages. However, he continues his spiritual marriages to Meri and Janelle while legally being married to only Robyn.

What do you think about Christine Brown making petty jokes about polygamy? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. why hasn’t anyone called Cody out?? He is a narcissist and is always on the “poor me” train. I have yet to see him sympathize with any of his wives, except maybe Robyn. He talks about respect yet he makes disrespectful comments about Meri and Janelle on national television. He obviously doesn’t care how his attitude affects others. He is either totally un-self aware or just a narcissistic jerk. Where is his religion when dealing with his loved ones?? Just sayin’…

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