Janelle Brown Finds Her Cuddle Buddy’s Sweet Spot

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Janelle Brown has found ways to keep herself occupied while she is at home. One of them was binging Reacher on Amazon Prime. As she shared with her followers, it was due to the lead actor that held her attention. Now, she is explaining she has a cuddle buddy and has been lucky enough to find said buddy’s sweet spot. Yet who is this special friend?

Janelle Brown- Ultimate Caretaker

Since the inception of Sister Wives in 2010, Janelle has been devoted to her family in one major capacity. She has been one of the core breadwinners. As the second wife and mother of six out of the initial twelve children, she knew how expensive kids were. By the time the series began, they had a handful of teenagers so she opted to work from six in the morning until the sun was setting. Admittedly, she preferred to be out of the home and working. As time went on, the family grew and moved to Las Vegas from Utah. She no longer had such a demanding job and went into real estate.

Janelle Brown and family
Janelle Brown and family [Image @janellebrown117/Instagram]
Eventually, her kids started to move out and she took more control of her life. It was also a different living situation as they were out of the single home with the wives in individual houses. Somewhere down the line, Janelle started her own health business and got involved in MLMs. By the time they moved to Flagstaff, Janelle had become a super mama bear. The pandemic hit with Kody setting super strict pandemic rules. He wanted her to boot their two sons out of her home but she refused and explicitly said she would always choose her kids over her husband. In the end, she seemingly did not care what happened in her marriage as she would always care for her babies.

Finding The Sweet Spot

Janelle Brown and her husband Kody have admittedly moved into the friend zone. When asked if he was in love with her during the Season 16 tell-all, he shared neither would say “yes” to that. Even former third wife Christine said Janelle is strong and does not need him to fill her up. Therefore, she has a lot of love in her life between her kids and grandchildren. She also has her pooch who has been her companion for several years. Though Kody has always been against getting a new dog for Robyn’s kids, this is Janelle’s home and her rules.

Janelle Brown Credit: Janelle IG

She took to Instagram to share a photo of her beloved pup and revealed she found her cuddle buddy’s sweet spot. It is behind the ears. Her followers were quick to comment on her little cutie: “Mom always knows where the good spots are.” Another added: “The look of unconditional love.”

What do you think of Janelle’s cuddle buddy? Better than Kody? Let us know in the comments below.


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