Did Janelle Brown Open A Brand New Business?

Janelle Brown from TLC

Janelle Brown is more than just a sister wife. She’s also a mother, grandmother, and accomplished businesswoman. One source seems to think she’s about to embark on another adventure. But why isn’t Janelle saying much?

It’s hard to deny that there’s a lot of chaos and drama in the Brown household. But Janelle isn’t letting that stop her from pursuing her entrepreneurial dreams.

Keep reading to learn more about the alleged project.

Are the reports about Janelle Brown’s new business venture quite accurate?

If you keep up with Janelle Brown on social media, you’ve probably seen her promote her business here and there. Aside from family time, it’s one of the most important things to the Sister Wives star.

According to In Touch Weekly, Janelle recently decided to rent office space of her very own.

“The TLC personality launched a ‘retail trade’ company called NTYK, LLC in September 2021, In Touch can confirm, and the office is located in a commercial building in Flagstaff, Arizona,” the publication notes. “Building suites cost $2,000 per month, according to a real estate advertisement¬†viewed by¬†In Touch. Each includes a walk-in reception space, a conference room, a kitchenette, a private office, cubicles and a bathroom.”

Sister Wives/TLC

However, fans on Reddit seem a little skeptical of the article. Things may not necessarily be what In Touch Weekly reports.

“I’m taking anything in that article with a grain of salt because they have the timeline mixed up,” says one Reddit user. “They are referring to events on the show that occurred in 2020 as having happened in 2021. They don’t seem to understand the filming lag.”

“She has had that same business registered in Utah and Nevada in the past. She registered the business in Arizona in 2020, when the Nevada registration expired,” another fan pointed out. “They have rented office space in Flagstaff since they moved there. That is where the couch scenes are filmed, plus they run all of their businesses out of that address. It is just in Janelle’s name because she is the registrar for the Kody Brown Entertainment Group, and all their other businesses.”

So in other words, it appears that this isn’t new news after all. Fans quickly determined the details in the article just weren’t quite accurate.

So where does this leave the Brown family now?

Even though the In Touch Weekly article has a few problems, Janelle Brown did recently receive a loan. According to The Sun, Janelle spends quite a bit of time there and seems really fed up with Kody’s household.

So it doesn’t seem out of the realm of possibility that she may strike out on her own soon too. She already has business experience, so she could very well start another business sometime down the line.

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