Inside Ashley Iaconetti’s Decision To Not Breastfeed

Ashley Iaconetti via YouTube

Bachelor in Paradise fan favorite Ashley Iaconetti gave birth to her son Dawson this year. She’s good at letting fans see her life as a mom and as a wife to Jared Haibon. Now, she’s sharing with fans her decision behind not breastfeeding Dawson. Keep reading to find out more.

Why is Ashley Iaconetti not breastfeeding?

Ashley Iaconetti went to Facebook to share with fans her reasons behind the decision to not breastfeed Dawson. Of course, there are critics who speak their minds telling her it’s the wrong decision. So, she’s letting everyone in on why she made the choice she did.

Ashley began her post by saying, “I’m not breastfeeding. I know this is controversial, but I know myself well enough to know that I’m a better mom and therefore Dawson is a happier baby because of this decision. I had a gut feeling during my pregnancy that this would be best for us.”

Ashley and Jared via Instagram 1
Ashley and Jared via Instagram 1

She went on to say that she knew her body needed a break after a rough pregnancy. Ashley said she worried she wouldn’t feel like herself again after giving birth. She said, “It was awesome how pretty much instantly after birth I felt “normal” again. This is a feeling I feared I’d never feel again.”

Ashley continued on saying that growing a human was enough for one year, she knew her body didn’t need to learn anything else new for now. She didn’t want to struggle and Dawson suffer if she couldn’t breastfeed. She wanted to ensure he had the best version of herself she could offer.

Ashley and Jared via Instagram
Ashley and Jared via Instagram

Other reasons

Ashley continued on detailing other reasons behind her decision. She said she knew bottle feeding would also allow for more sleep at night and less hungry wakeups by Dawson.

She noted that it’s very helpful for Jared to be able to step in and feed Dawson when needed. Ashley also said that it is good for her mental health to be well-rested. She also reported only feeling really tired a few days since Dawson was born.

She concluded her explanation by saying, “I’m lucky that this decision was so well supported by my inner circle. Jared and I were both formula fed from the start and we know plenty of other healthy adults and babies who were formula fed. Happy to report, Dawson has 100% of the time been excited to slurp down a bottle. I think breastfeeding is beautiful and I’m in awe of the women who choose to do it. I just know the choice I made was right for our family.”

What do you think about Ashley’s decision? Did you breastfeed or bottle-feed your babies?



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  1. Support her decision. I just recently had a baby as well and although I did want to breast-feed my body just was not producing so I decided to bottle feed I myself was the breast-fed and am completely fine and there are many bottle-fed babies that turn off completely fine nothing wrong with that at all.

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