Chase Chrisley Reconnects With Former Flame: Romance Back On?

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As far as fans know, Chase Chrisley’s last relationship was with Emmy Medders. Chrisley Knows Best fans fell in love with her. She was likened to being the spitting image of Chase’s mother. She was featured on Chrisley Knows Best and Growing Up Chrisley. Fans were certain these love birds were going to get married. They even predicted the duo would have beautiful babies together. Sadly, this couple ended up splitting up.

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According to Life & Style, Chase Chrisley confirmed he was single back in August of 2021. While he has been spotted hanging out with friends (including a few females) there was never any official confirmation he had moved passed Emmy. Chase told Life & Style that he and Emmy Medders “played ping-pong” for a while before deciding splitting up was in their best interest.

Fans have labeled Todd’s son as a bit of a player. Even his mom Julie has said her son Chase is nowhere near being ready for marriage. Truthfully, she did not even want Emmy Medders settling down with her son just yet. Julie has explained on their podcast that she just doesn’t believe Chase is mentally mature enough to be married.

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Chase Chrisley, however, was recently reconnected to one of his ex-girlfriends. Her Instagram Story updates suggest they may have even gone on a date on Friday night. One of her Instagram Story updates featured herself showing off her snug outfit and slender frame. The second was a photo of herself snuggled up to none other than Chase Chrisley. Which ex-girlfriend has Chase rekindled with?

Chase Chrisley reconnects with former flame: Romance back on?

Turns out, it was Emmy Medders that Chase reconnected with recently. Emmy shared a photo of herself showing off her outfit as she celebrated it being Friday. Then, she shared another photo of herself with her face pressed up against Chase’s. Both had a huge smile on their face and she was still rocking the outfit she showed off previously. Her later updates to her Instagram Stories made it appear as if she was going to a concert with Chase. Were they on a date?

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Chase reshared her photo on his own Instagram Stories. Being Instagram Stories updates, both will experience after 24 hours. What brought Chase Chrisley and his ex-girlfriend Emmy Medders back together? Are they dating again? Chase’s sister Savannah has told the world they were trying to be more private about their dating life. So, it is possible Chase has been dating Emmy for a while, but just wanted to keep it secret.

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