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‘Bachelor’ Colton Underwood Advises Clayton Echard To Get A Good Therapist

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Former Bachelor Colton Underwood has some advice for Clayton Echard following the crazy ending to his season. Colton has been through it all so he knows how tough things can get post-show. One of his biggest pieces of advice is to get a good therapist. Keep reading to find out why that is his best advice.

Colton Underwood has advice for Clayton Echard

People shared what advice Colton had for Clayton after the finale aired earlier this week. First and foremost, Colton says Clayton should be sure to have a good therapist lined up.

He said, “My initial [piece of advice] would just be, make sure you have a good therapist and talk and vent to them because, unfortunately, in a position of being a lead of an ABC show, especially like the franchise The Bachelor, you can’t trust a whole lot of people.”

Colton went on to explain what he meant. He said, “If you say something, words can be twisted. It could be made a headline the very next day and taken out of context. It’s so hard to contain that.”

Credit: Colton Underwood/YouTube
Credit: Colton Underwood/YouTube

Colton hasn’t personally watched Clayton’s season of The Bachelor. However, he has seen some of the drama and details on social media.

While he hasn’t watched he said he does hope everyone is in a good place following the finale because it can be a tough place to be in. He wished everyone the best, including Clayton.

Colton has previously admitted his own mental health suffered after the show.

Colton has moved on from his time with the franchise and is now engaged to Jordan C. Brown. He came out as being gay in 2021 and is now finding happiness with who he is.

A new family member

Colton also had a big announcement this week. He and Jordan added a new family member. Colton went to Instagram to introduce their new puppy. His name is Scout.

He shared a photo of Scout with himself and also one with Jordan. Colton captioned the post saying, “Our family is growing. Instagram meet scout, scout meet instagram.”

Plus, even cuter, Scout has his own Instagram account. Fans can follow along @scoutbrownunderwood.

Colton and Scout via Insagram

Colton and Jordan are loving life and can’t wait to be married. So far there have been no wedding date announcements.

What do you think about Colton’s advice to Clayton? Is Scout simply adorable?

Stay tuned for more updates.

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