Kody Brown Is Blood-Related To Robyn’s Ex-Husband, How?

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Kody Brown’s family is quite familiar with a connected family tree. They seem to have a lot of overlapping in one way or another. Now it has been revealed that Robyn’s ex-husband and Kody have familial ties. Yet, how are they related is the real question. The answer might surprise you.

Kody Brown And His Family Relations

It was a common misconception that all parents in plural families had to be related. As desperately as the Browns tried to debunk this myth, it quickly came back to haunt them. It all started when Kody announced they were going to visit his father’s farm. That was when he shared his dad had two wives, one being his second wife, Janelle’s mother, Sheryl. Therefore, fans realized they were not only husband and wife but also stepsiblings. Yes, their parents were married first but it was still a little off. This was followed up with their daughter Maddie’s husband, Caleb having some connection to the Browns.

Sister Wives Kody Brown - Brown Family

Though not by blood, Kody’s sister-in-law is also Caleb’s sister. Additionally, it was discovered that Kody and his former third wife, Christine are actually fourth cousins, according to Screen Rant. This is a lot to unpack but it cannot be forgotten that Kody met Janelle through Meri. She was originally married to Meri’s brother for a few years before ending it and joining the Brown family. Now, it has come that there are blood ties between Kody and Robyn’s ex-husband. Yet how exactly are the two husbands related? It’s pretty simple.

Keeping It All In The Family

Redditors were amazed by how much Kody Brown and Robyn’s ex-husband, David Jessop looked alike. Ultimately it makes a lot of sense as a Reddit feed was started regarding familial relations. According to Reddit, Kody Brown has very close family ties to David Jessop. Apparently, they are actually third cousins and it is not just them who are related. David and Christine happen to be first cousins, as well. It is kind of a shock she never met Robyn prior to her entering the family. Then again, if she was brought up in a large plural family, she may have had so many cousins, David and Robyn never even registered.

Kody Brown Credit: YouTube

This means Kody has always been biologically related to Robyn’s three kids with David even before he legally adopted them in 2014. Christine has an even closer blood tie to them. No word if she is in contact with David but he was arrested in 2018 for assault. He has had no contact with Robyn or his kids in a very long time, according to The Hollywood Gossip.

Are you surprised at all the relative connections within the Brown family? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Nothing surprises me with the Brown’s. It won’t be long before he gets another so-called “wife”. Meri needs to wash her hands clean of him and find her another man; someone that will treat her right. She isn’t married to Kody legally or spiritually and as he says they are just friends.

  2. Kody Brown is nothing but a piece of s???. All those kids maybe related, and how are they going to handle that. They should all go to jail because this is nothing but “ADULTERY ” and the last time I heard that is a law breaker.

    1. Omg, adultery is a sin, not a crime. I believe you mean Bigamy- which is a crime. then there is the obvious incest this article claims and basic child neglect because only one legal marriage and no man can keep four women happy or give the time, money and attention needed to those 18 children!

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